Hey Ben, What Do You Use That Bag For?

In other words: this is my current bag status and what I have them for theoretically.

I have quite a few bags at my house, and some of them are kept around because there’s no money to be had in selling them (meaning they won’t sell for a price I would be willing to part with them) and some are kept around for my wife or the kids to use, and the rest are for me. So what the hell do I use my bags for? Well, let me tell you (I have left the ones I keep for the family or because I can’t sell them off this list):

  • GORUCK Rucker 3.0 25L Coyote Brown: this is my work out bag. I use it almost every day for rucking — easily my must used bag because of this.
  • GORUCK GR2 40L Black: This is my bug out / emergency bag. It sometimes gets used for travel if I really need a large backpack. But 99% of the time it is dedicated for an emergency bag stowed, packed, and ready to go.
  • GORUCK GR2 34L Coyote Brown: This is my primary travel backpack, as it is large enough for me to pack for any length of time with room to accommodate dad life. I had GORUCK modify this by adding compression straps, essentially allowing me to keep it a GR1 size, but have the ability to expand out to more capacity while always having the added organization.
  • GORUCK Rucker 2.0 25L Hunter Green: Replaced by the 3.0, now left aside as an extra bag. Not sure what I am going to do with this long term. I had tried using this as a get home bag, but my setup for my car is a little odd as it has shoes in it and they don’t really fit in this bag with everything else. Very odd. I might do a giveaway on this one.
  • GORUCK SK26 Coyote Tan: Weekend travel backpack, international carryon backpack, and backup office backpack. I mostly bought this and keep it because I love it. But it really is a backup bag for anytime when I want to make sure I don’t show up with a MOLLE laden bag, but I still want the best backpack money can buy.
  • Aer City Sling Gray: airplane travel sling. This one is great for small, light, and fast.
  • Code of Bell X-Pod Sling Pack Multicam Black: primary EDC sling when not heading to work, and for outings with kids. This bag gets a lot of use, and keeps a bunch of random stuff in it — too much stuff really.
  • Mystery Ranch Full Moon Vintage Blue: this is a fast grab emergency kit that stays in my nightstand. It is purely an emergency item and no longer gets used outside of that.
  • GORUCK GR1 26L Black: Alternate weekend bag, sometimes day pack. In my heart, if I had to get rid of all my other bags, I would keep only this one. I mostly don’t use it as much now because I am constantly testing other bags. Generally I look at it as my main go to bag when I don’t have an assigned bag for something otherwise — I just can always default to this and be in good hands.
  • GORUCK GR1 26L White: Primary office backpack. The white makes it the best looking bag I own. I love this bag.
  • Mystery Ranch Front Foliage: primary day hiking and adventures backpack. It stays packed with stuff I need for a long walk with the kids, or for a solo journey, daypack only. Certainly not airline safe gear in this.
  • Tom Bihn SG23: Primary work travel bag, backup day pack, extra office backpack, backup backpack for my wife. This is a good bag when I don’t have time or a want to organize things in a pouches, and I just want to shove stuff in a bag.
  • Filson Original Briefcase Otter Green: primary office shoulder bag and long term briefcase. It is my default bag for the office.
  • Filson Medium Field Bag Brooks Brothers Tartan and Navy: primary shoulder bag for personal travel when I need or want a larger sling. Since travel ceased, I have not really used it.
  • Bellroy Sling Marine Blue: Backup EDC sling, a little less tacticool look than the Code of Bell. Great sling.
  • Filson Journeyman Otter Green: Primary backpack for style points. Alternate office backpack, alternate personal weekend travel backpack. I just got this, more to come.
  • Filson 48hr Duffel Otter Green: Primary weekend bag for personal travel and being fancy, backup clothing bag or any other travel. If I am two-bagging my travel which is becoming more common, than this bag is likely my clothing bag. I will have to see how slings play into my travel bag setups, I certainly don’t want three bags.
  • Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault Black: primary get home bag in my car. Backup bag for extended length day hikes as I really like the yoke system.
  • Mystery Ranch 3-Way Briefcase Gray: Alternate/Larger office briefcase for when I need to carry more gear. Likely daily office carry when I do head back to the office until I feel better about eating indoors again.
  • GORUCK Bullet Ruck 15L Black: Primary bag for day excursions around town with the family. Primary day bag for my wife.
  • Hill People Gear Belt Pack: newest edition for sling testing. This one stands a good chance at being my top daily pick for a sling. We shall see.

That’s it for now, hope that helps.

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