Tuff Possum Gear Pocket Possibilities Pouch

This pouch is amazing and an instant buy.

Update 12/13/21: It has been brought to my attention that Tuff Possum Gear has COVID misinformation on their website/blog, this is very unfortunate to hear. Please keep that in mind when/if considering ordering from them.

For years now, I have used heavy duty plastic ziploc style bags as boo-boo kits and storage for other small items in my bags. I have never bought one of these bags — I accumulate them from stuff I buy. But this also means my bags are a hodgepodge and I was often limited in what I could store as they are also either really small or too large to be useful. So I went out and bought several small pouches to try and remedy this problem, and the Tuff Possum Gear Pocket Possibilities Pouch is the clear winner.

This pouch is fantastic.

Small But Mighty

This is a small 3.5” x 5” pouch with a zip down the center and the only depth being that of the material mating from the top to the bottom. The material itself is a “Tweave Durastretch nylon fabric” and what that means is: it is some weird nylon that stretches just a little bit. The material is fantastic, I love it. It adds a nice tactile response to the pouch and gives a little when you are trying to place something a little too large into the pouch.

The pictures on the Tuff Possum page place this as something to build small EDC or survival kits into. And while I think it is very versatile, my use has been exclusively to hold bandages, and other small quick first aid items. For that, it has proven to be something I like so much, I own three of them and would own more if I needed more.

The sizing here is fantastic, as they are large enough to fit a wide variety of items, but small enough to fit into organizational pockets on a lot of my bags. They come with a metal pull tab, but you will note that in all my pictures there is an orange pull tab which was scavenged off of some Prometheus Design Werx gear I had bought. That cuts noise down, but also gives me a better spot to grip and an easy way to spot o the zipper itself when I need to dive into the kit.

The center zip is also something that makes this pocket better than it otherwise would be, as it allows easy access and view into the pocket, without the worry/risk of stuff spilling out when you unzip it. In use, the center zip is stellar here.

I’ve found the even large things fit well and remain accessible. After using this kit many times on sandy beaches to remedy issues my kids were having, it proved to be something highly reliable — nothing riskier than opening your gear on a sandy beach.


I’ll keep this short because it is a small pouch with the main feature being the size and the material. It’s $18, and worth you buying a couple. I highly recommend these.

Buy, buy, buy.

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