Tuff Possum Gear Pocket Tool Pouch

A great pouch if you need something to handle gear that might put too much wear and tear on weaker pouches.

Update 12/13/21: It has been brought to my attention that Tuff Possum Gear has COVID misinformation on their website/blog, this is very unfortunate to hear. Please keep that in mind when/if considering ordering from them.

I love the Pocket Possibilities Pouch from Tuff Possum Gear, but when I ordered those I wasn’t sure how much I might like them so I also ordered the Pocket Tool Pouch to check out as well. At $15 it’s a pretty easy item to buy and check out, but it’s not as good as the Pocket Possibilities Pouch — not even close.

That said, this little pouch has it’s uses — more based on size and ruggedness than anything else.

Using It

I am going to keep this review shorter, as this is a pretty straightforward pouch. At 3” by 5” you get a nicely sized pouch made from 500D Cordura — the craftsmanship is top notch. The zipper is done well with great little pull tabs. But that’s all this is, a pouch with a zipper near the top for holding small gear.

I use mine for a first aid kit in my day hike bag as it holds a little more gear that the Pocket Possibilities Pouch, and still doesn’t take up too much room. In fact it fits really well in the inside mesh pocket you find in the top lids of Mystery Ranch bags, or the top pockets inside GORUCK bags. It’s slim, but holds an impressive bit of stuff.

The biggest benefit with this pouch over the other, is the fact that 500D Cordura can take a real beating without it being complete overkill like 1000D would be in this application. Meaning you can put pokey things in the pouch without worrying about damaging the pouch, or anything the pouch is resting in. Whether pokey things means rough edged metal, or pointy lock picks. It holds these better with far less worry of something working its way through the fabric.


I use mine for a First Aid Kit, but I could easily see this being invaluable for those who find themselves with a lot of small things in their pockets or bags. Far too many bags lack organization these days, and necessitate the need for these types of pouches. I think calling it a tool pouch is accurate as it really seems made to carry tool like things and not your small miscellaneous gear like the Pocket Possibilities Pouch is made to carry.

I like it, but for all of my use cases the Pocket Possibilities Pouch serves them better. This is only a better option if you need more durability to survive the gear you are packing inside the pouch.

Buy here, $15

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