Arc Company Ripcord and Mini Ripcord

This is an amazing pocket organizer and I use one everyday. You probably need a couple.

How do you keep a flashlight and knife in your pocket without everything lumping at the bottom of your pocket and scratching everything? You get a pocket organizer, and specifically you get these pocket organizers from ArcCompanyUSA on Etsy.

I love them, I have two Ripcords as they are perfection for my gear and have made carrying all this stuff simple and easy. What I love about both is that they are a single layer of finished Cordura on each side with good stitching to boot. I suspect this is 1000D Cordura but they come in many colors so I can’t comment on every color. You don’t need to read this review, you just need to buy one of each size: standard and mini.

Small Sebenza and HDS Rotary, standard Ripcord in Multicam Black.

Ripcord Use

Small Sebenza and HDS Rotary.

The Ripcord for $29 is the full sized model and is made to hold your larger stuff. They can hold 1” diameter lights like the RRT01 Raptor, HDS Rotary, or many Surefires with ease. They can do that while also holding something like your Small Sebenza with the light. I was personally worried these would not fit well in my pants, but so far I have not run into any issues fitting this into any of my pockets.

Small Sebenza and HDS Rotary.

If your gear is smaller, it will still fit, but you’ll have a little more wiggle room and floppiness in your pocket, but otherwise it’s fine. If you can only afford one of these organizers, this one is the most versatile of the lot as it can hold big and small items.

HDS Rotary and RRT01 Raptor — full rotary carry.

I carry this most of the time, as it allows me more flexibility and thus less to think about if I change my mind about the light I want to carry.

Mini Ripcord Use

Lionsteel CK01 and Tool AA 2.0 in the slip.

The Mini Ripcord for $25 is a slightly smaller version of the above, and that’s absolutely perfect because that is all you need in a smaller version. What I love about this one is that it fits my smaller carry really well. Lights like the FWAA, Titan, and Beta QR love this sleeve — all paired with the lovely LionSteel knife I use.

Mini can hold a lot, here it has the Small Sebenza and RRT01 Raptor in it.

Sometimes you don’t want a larger light in your pocket when you head out. No, wait, sometimes you don’t want people asking about the lump in your pocket (you always want a larger light, right?) and for those times a thinner setup can be a lot better, that’s this one. I love it.

It can still hold bigger lights and knives as you can see above, but they are not the easiest to get into the organizer. Generally I find I need to take it out of my pocket completely to get larger items into this mini, so don’t think it can’t hold larger items, they are a snug fit though.

The mini is often what you see me carry when I know I am only running out, as I’ll grab a smaller light for my pocket and leave a bigger light in my sling. This a great little organizer.


Mini on the left with FWAA and Mini Bugout in the slip.

Full sized on the right, with FWAA and Mini Bugout in the slip.

These are both perfect, and at that price point that there’s no sense waisting a ton of words on them. I love them, enjoy the pictures. And go get one or two. The only downside is that you don’t need more than one of each as they are durable and great as they are — so pick your colors wisely.

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