Glow Rhino Tritium Fob

A really great addition to help you find your stuff in the dark. And it’s in stock.

I like to keep flashlights in handy spots, it’s makes them, handy. But the times you need a flashlight tend to be when things are already very dark, which can present issues finding the flashlight. There’s various methods you can take to avoid this: auxiliary LEDs on a light for a low-drain option to find it; glow in the dark materials to help locate; or something like tritium.

Tritium, is awesome for this use, and I snagged a Glow Rhino Tritium Fob (which they are still selling even given the Tritium shortages right now), and have been keeping it on my emergency-by-the-door-light. I love it.

What it Is & Utility

If you are new to Tritium it’s basically a decaying radioactive thing that has an end result of mostly being safe, and glowing (faintly) in the dark for a very long time (decade or so). It’s been around a long time and Glow Rhino has a pretty layman explanation of it all here.

If you are uncomfortable with it, I get it, there you go, thanks for coming. I am guessing most of you have seen Tritium though, or know about it. Here’s what the Glow Rhino fob looks like in the dark:

It’s a solid glow on this and is easy to locate in the dark without your eyes needing to adjust. The downside is that I find green tritium to be too bright to have on a nightstand next to the bed, but that’s going to be individual dependent. Personally I like Red/Purple Tritium if I need it next to me when I sleep.

For my use, attached to the Wurkkos WK30/TS21 and near my front door — this is a great source of light that helps me grab the light without thought — even in the early hours of the morning.

Size and Finish

Since the largest variance with tritium is the vial size, and the housing of the vial, that’s really the focus here. The fit and finish on the Glow Rhino fob is quite nice, with smooth machining all around.

The one thing I wasn’t expecting was just how tiny it is. On the website it looks quite large in the product photos, but in person it is a near ideal size, and the window into the tritium tube is large and unobstructed, giving you the maximum glow from the vial.

The point is made to be a glass breaker, in case you want it on your keys — I question how comfortable that would be to use, and would like a smooth variant if I had a choice with it. This isn’t a huge thing, but it’s a pointy little bit that might be a deal breaker for some.


It works exactly how I want it, and now I want more, but dang it I don’t need more. I would love some more color options, but the fact that this is readily available right now is pretty awesome. For $39 ($59 for titanium) I am a big fan and think it adds a ton of value if you need something to help you find stuff in the dark.

Buy it here.

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