Filson Winter Clearance Sale

A good sale is a good sale.

Up to 40% off, I normally don’t highlight their sales but there are a few items that are hard to get on sale I wanted to point out:

  • Togiak Belt: this is a great belt I love to wear around on the weekends or when I go outdoors. It’s massively long, but really nice. On sale for $27.
  • Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt: I have the standard weight and it’s so warm I rarely get to wear it, I’d buy this if I were getting one again. Great comfortable shirt. Sale price is $75.
  • Small Rugged Twill Duffle: long has this been on my wishlist, and often heralded as one of the best ‘buy it for life’ pieces you can get. It’s normally $350, but on sale for $210. These are their limited run colors, so if you like them you better grab them now because they likely won’t make a return. I think that green looks stellar.
  • Rugged Twill Original Briefcase: one of my all time favorite bags, I use mine all the time. It’s a legend. Normally #325, it’s on sale in these colors for $195 — excellent price. This is also limited edition colors, but that Flag Blue is dope.
  • Medium Rugged Twill Field Bag: this is the standard tan color, and I loved this bag when I had mine. It was a little too big and a little too small for me — I couldn’t use it for the office (too small), and it was a little bulky for much of what I was trying to use it for (travel and such). That said, what a great bag it was/is. On sale at $237.

Bunch of other stuff too, but those are my picks.

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