GondekEDC Battery Pouch

I love this battery pouch, every flashlight nut needs one.

I’ll keep this short, because this pouch sells itself — it’s that good. This pouch is designed for one purpose: to carry extra batteries for your flashlights. Technically you could carry extra batteries for any battery like thing, but really this is designed specifically for the sizes of batteries most commonly found in flashlights.

This is $25, skip and buy now while you finish reading.

Size and Capacity

The pouch is 3.5” x 3.5” and doesn’t have built in depth, so much as it wraps neatly around the batteries. Inside are a series of four sleeves which sit just below the zipper line when the pouch is open. A single zipper slightly down from the top and there you go.

This can be made from most of the fabrics GondekEDC sells, I chose black canvas and it’s fantastic. You get a 3×2 velcro loop area for a patch, and can buy the optional battery etched titanium patch if you like (it’s great, but thick).

The pockets inside are two AA/14500 sizes sleeves on the outer edges, and two 18xxx sized pouches in the center for 18650/18500/18350. The batteries fit snug enough that there’s not much slop, but they are easy to squeeze/slide out of the pouch.

In the images you see here the pouch is holding:

  • 1x AAA
  • 1x CR123 stacked on 1x 16340
  • 1x 18350
  • 1x AA

It holds that setup quite nicely, and feels great when all zipped up.

In Use

I’ve long traveled with batteries kicking around my bag, which can be risky. Every battery container I have tried adds a lot of bulk, while not carrying that much. This is the perfect solution for that problem.

It fits neatly into almost any pocket in my bags, and stays out of the way, yet ready. This combination of batteries are my most common battery types, and thus this offers me a lot of extra power should I need it.

I used this a lot while isolating when I have COVID, and didn’t have ready access to my batteries. Playing with my flashlights were a source of boredom fighting, and batteries were getting a work out. It was great to never be fishing around my pouches for loose batteries.


Must have in my book, and at $25? How can you not have one? The Ti Battery Engraved patch is pretty neat, but adds a good bit of thickness — worth the trade off in my book.

Love this thing. Buy here, $25.

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