MOFT Snap Tablet Stand

A really good and easy to use stand, without the whole case thing.

When I snagged my iPad Mini, I realized that I wanted a more integrated case for travel. The Smart Cover from Apple, while nice, doesn’t seem to suit this smaller iPad well. A sleeve felt like it would be too cumbersome, and thus I went looking.

The first case was a snap on style with a kickstand. It worked well and protected the iPad in addition to stand duties. Then I decided to go another direction instead of case with stand, focus on an easy to use stand. I tried a bunch before grabbing this MOFT Snap stand.

It’s not perfect, but it is quite good.

What It Is

There’s two versions of this product, and the difference is in how they attach to the iPad. One directly adheres to the iPad (removable adhesive setup), and the other snaps on magnetically, BUT, only after you adhere (removable later) a thin magnetic sheet to the iPad.

I went with the latter, so that I can pop the stand on and off the iPad. I found there to be a general lack of instructions, and overall this being a very unguided process on where/how to place this. But, don’t over think this, it’s pretty simple and easy to do and I suspect hard to get too wrong. There is flex on how you place it and where you might want the stand.

The benefit of the magnetic attaching stand is:

  1. You can take it on and off.
  2. You can reposition the stand as you might need or want to.
  3. The magnetic base for the stand is very thin, so most other cases will still work over the top of it.

The downside: the case can move out of position slightly under certain circumstances. It’s never popped off, but it can get at a weird angle.

In Use

I’ve been using this stand now for quite some time, and it is really nice. I am impressed by how well it holds its position, and the only time I’ve found it shifting is when I try to squeeze it into a really tight sleeve/spot in my bag.

It is a little persnickety to get placed how you will want it, but you can try a few times without penalty if you go with the magnetic version. It will bother someone who want things to be perfectly aligned, as I find it can move slightly out of alignment everyday or so.

Another big benefit is that the origami nature of how the stand works, will give you a range of viewing angles for both portrait and landscape. This is a huge benefit of the stand, and while complex to explain with written words, it’s trivial to use in person.

I’ve found most all of the viewing angles to be spot on. I’ve never found myself wanting an angle between what is offered.

The stand itself is very stable when on a hard surface, including airline tray tables. Where it fails is on your lap, or any soft surface. It doesn’t have the stability needed for those surfaces.

In portrait, the stand is very stable. The base gives me a really good wiggle free experience. Only if you tap at the top 1/3 of the screen do you see the device get unstable.

In landscape it is a little different. The device rests in a very stable and strong state. But if you go to tap at the screen, you’ll almost knock it over if you tap at the 1/2 of the screen not being supported by the stand. You could reposition the stand better for landscape if that’s your use case, but in the more versatile positions you’ll run into this. It’s not a huge deal breaker, just a thing to know.

I initially thought I would be taking this on and off a bunch, but in practice I don’t remove it ever. Even when holding the iPad Mini for reading, I will often pop the stand out and slip my fingers through so that I have a little handle for holding the device.

It is working really well, and is a much better designed stand that I would have ever assumed it to be.


I am a big fan, and recommend it for those who want to keep their devices case-less, but have a really easy to use stand. Even compared to the smaller folding stands, this is much better.

Find it here ($35+).

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