Giant Mouse ACE Nibbler

A small chonk of a knife, well made, but a bit awkward to use.

I snagged this knife on a whim from Huckberry. I’ve long been curious about this tiny little knife and figured the holidays would be a good time of the year to give it a go. It’s prime pocket knife season.

The ACE Nibbler is a really nice knife, but you have got to want something stocky to like it — for me it’s not quite the right balance in hand.

Specs & Materials

This knife is equipped with green canvas micarta scales (favorite of mine), a reversible wire clip that is just as shitty as every wire pocket clip, and uses 20CV for the blade steel. There are other steels available for this knife, but I only tested this one.

The knife has a liner lock, with a large hole cutout to use as a thumb opening mechanism. The pivot is a bearings pivot, and it’s a smooth action overall.

The blade itself is 2” in length, and is a Wharncliffe design. It’s small but tall, and stout. The handle is two finger grip, with a decent thickness to everything. It’s surprisingly hefty feeling, but not heavy overall.

Carry and Use

I found this knife really fiddly the first few days of using it. It’s so tall (like Spydercos) that I had a hard time carrying it in spots where I would carry the larger Small Sebenza. I also lacked confidence in my grip when opening and closing it.

This is one of those knives where it will take some time to adjust to using it. I carried it for a week straight on vacation and finally got to the point where I was confident opening it, and mostly confident I wouldn’t drop the knife when closing it. Though I tended to loop my pinky through the lanyard I added to the knife.

It’s a really petite package, without it feeling delicate in any way. I never felt like the blade was fragile, or the handle weak. It feels like the kind of knife you can put some force on without issue, but there’s not enough blade length to ever need that level of force.

I was worried it would feel too large in the pocket, but that mostly wasn’t the case. I found that it doesn’t play well with my pocket organizers I normally use, as the chonky nature and odd angles makes it a bear to get in and out of slots. But loose in my pocket, it was easy to find, and never dug into my leg as a larger knife might.

The blade shape isn’t my favorite. It slices like a beast, and will make quick work of boxes or anything of that nature. However the downside is that the height of the blade at the tip is so tall, that you won’t find yourself slipping the blade tip into areas easily so that you can cut something from behind. A common scenario for this might be releasing a zip tie from a cable without risking cutting the cable. Snipping a ribbon or loose thread loop, without cutting the item behind it. This blade shape simply doesn’t work well for that. I also found that for smaller detail tasks, the blade was awkward to manipulate in a way where I could confidently get a clean and close cut.

This execution of 20CV, however, is top notch and holds a keen edge. The fit and finishing of the knife itself is fantastic and feels very well made through and through.


It was a mixed bag carrying this knife. I was never left for wanting much, but I was never very happy with it. I don’t like knives I don’t have full confidence in opening and closing in less than ideal scenarios. I don’t feel like my grip on this handle was ever more than something I would feel comfortable using to slice with — which is weird to feel when the knife is as thick and chonky as the Nibbler.

There’s a lot of cool things about this knife, but they ultimately don’t come together in a package which works well for how I like to use and carry a knife. It’s good, this is probably the best 20CV I’ve used in a knife, but I would struggle to justify carrying this over the Bexar which has a larger blade, better steel, and carries much smaller.

You can find this over on Huckberry, for $155.

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