Tactile Turn’s Slim Side Click Limited Releases (Short Length)

Perhaps the best EDC pen on the market, and I somehow have now, erm, tested, three of them.

Tactile Turn and Tactile Knife both make outstanding products. The pens from Tactile Turn always were slightly off for my use. A little oddly slippery horizontally, while finding superior grip vertically. And then there was the bolt, a fun fidget toy, but an inefficient writing mechanism.

I assumed I was not the target market of these pens. However, I kept staring at the images of the Tactile Turn Nitro seasonal release Side Click pen. The color are my colors. It looked so neat, I decided to grab it in the Slim Short variant — this would hold the refills I was looking to use: OHTO’s Flash Dry refills (a left-hander’s dream).

And, what I found is a pen that I have now bought in two more iterations of ‘seasonal’ releases. As it is an outstanding pen from Tactile Turn.

In Use

Tactile Turn takes the standard titanium Side Click pen, and then coats it in a layer of cerakote, in a color theme befitting the seasonal release. I have Nitro, which is reminiscent of Nitro Cold Brew coffee — the king of cold brew, and only item worth ordering at Starbucks. The 8-Bit model, reminding me of summers spent on the Nintendo. And most recently, Icefall, which looks like paint trying to be ice? I don’t know on that one, it’s a weaker offering visually.

Forget about all the other specs here, because this is the same Side Click pen. You push on the top to deploy the refill, and you press a button on the side to release the cartridge back to the resting position. Quite satisfying.

What’s special is the cerakote. What that cerakote does (beyond looks) is gives the pen a little extra horizontal grip. And it happens to be just enough, that it changes the dynamic of this pen in a very good way.

I find the uncoated Tactile Turn pens to be too prone to sliding in my grip, where my fingertips tend to slide up and off. This leads to an overly tight grip on the pen to compensate for that. With the cerakote models, I found I am able to have a much more relaxed grip, while not having any issues with the pen sliding.

Amazingly, all of the distinctive texture of the machining ribs is still there on the cerakote versions. I am not entirely sure how they did that, but it is yet another impressive feat to showcase the company’s ability in making an extremely well engineered product at an impressively low price.

And, on a little side note, these colors are fun. They are a little goofy and playful in a way that the standard pen was not. They seem to not be taking themselves too seriously, and I’m a big fan of that.


As I mentioned, I have three now, and I plan to buy the seasonal releases as they come out. The Nitro is my favorite thus far, but each offers the same upgrade in grip and fun.

Find them here.

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