Malkoff Bodyguard Reflector, Fantastic Light to Pickup

Grab one of these before they are gone.

The fine folks over at Kosen have a really cool Malkoff model available. It’s a standard Bodyguard light with a few changes: 519a emitter, tail shroud, and a reflector instead of an optic.

The big deal on this is the reflector. The standard Bodyguard (review here) has an optic so it is a little narrower of a beam. This reflector has a much better (IMO) beam shape, which makes it even more useful. Like I said in my review, this light is a one trick pony, but it’s a good fucking trick.

Activating the light means it always comes on at high — and it’s really bright. After 8 seconds it drops down to a light output it can sustain for a long time without heating up too fast. You are probably like: “8 seconds, too short”. But when you get this light, you will be like: “man 8 seconds is almost too long”.

I wasn’t going to post about this when they dropped, as I thought there was no way I would have time to post before they sold out. But this run must be larger than I thought. Now is your chance to get one. Malkoff doesn’t sell these directly, only Kosen does (but Malkoff still did all these changes).

And just in case you think this light is really large, it’s not. Here’s it next to a Hoku Clicky:

Find it here, $215.

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