Hardgraft Palm Key Fold – Quick Review

A complete waste of money so that you can wrap your car key in Italian leather.

I recently picked up Hardgraft’s Palm Key Fold to solve a particular problem: the key fob for my car constantly gets triggered in my pockets, resulting in all sorts of random noises from my car. It’s been driving me crazy and not something I have experienced with other key fobs. Even if I carry the fob in a jacket pocket, this was an issue. Adding to this button pressing is the issue that the fob itself tends to slip out of areas easily, or otherwise be annoying to carry in my pocket due to size.

The real solution here is that car manufacturers are forced to carry these key fobs 24/7 — there’s no reason they should be this large and this shitty. Since that won’t help me now, this leather wrap for a key fob seemed like a good solution.

In practice, it’s a mixed bag.

Materials & Size

This is a flat bit of leather with two riveted metal snaps to secure it around your key(s). It comes with a leather rope and a small ring to attach the keys. The entire package measures 3.3” x 2” x 0.8” — which, on paper, looked like it would fit my key fob.

When I received this, my key fob would barely fit this, but over time, the leather has stretched and now fits very nicely around it. I removed the metal split ring (which was actually a massive pain in the ass, and I suggest cutting it off instead). So that the entire package looks like this:

This is the classic leather from Hardgraft, and as with all the other items I have from Hardgraft in this leather, it’s fantastic. The finishing is perfect.

In Use & Why

I had two goals with this: stop the errant button presses and give me a better way to carry my key fob. I don’t attach any other keys to this, so it’s a stand-alone setup for me.

For the first goal, carrying this in any pocket, the unwanted button presses basically dropped to zero. But that’s only if the buttons themselves are turned so that they are not on the same face of the cover as the metal snaps. Placing the buttons on the same side as the metal snaps make the errant button presses much worse.

This cover did and did not solve the ease of carry situation for me. It adds considerable bulk to the key overall, so much so that I no longer want to carry it in my front pant pocket. Instead, I now carry this almost exclusively in a jacket pocket or a bag. For the odd times I do put it in my front pocket, it’s quite a lump to deal with.

When carrying this in a jacket or a bag, the cover with the leather string makes it much easier to find and retrieve the fob. It also makes it easier to clip into a key lanyard in a bag. The leather adds a touch of friction in many different ways, which has entirely stopped the issue I had with the fob slipping out of my pockets and potentially getting lost.

The only other benefit here is how much better it makes a crappy lump of black plastic look. I can rant all day about the shitty design of car keys, but instead, I will let you know that wrapping them in nice Italian leather makes it so you never have to see the fob again.


This is, overall, really nice, and you are also (likely) better off without it. This is completely unnecessary, and there are likely other options (including 3D printing) to get the exact resolution for less money.

Then again, I do like the way this looks, and it does feel nice in my hand. And really throws valets off their game. Is it worth it? No. But I have no intention of stopping using it so take that for what it’s worth.

Buy here, $105.

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