What I Carried to The Office

A quick recap on what I carried to the office, now that I am (hopefully, temporarily) not going into an office.

End of this week marked my last day going into that office, so I thought it would be a good point in time to capture what my daily carry gear had been going back and forth from my house to the office. And more than a few people have been requesting updates on this kit.

Here goes:

  • Filson 24hr Tin Cloth Briefcase Otter Green: this has been my go to bag for over a year and one that I am perfectly happy with.
  • Observer Collection Papa w/ Tactile Turn Slim Short Side Click and two Passport sized notebooks. AircardE and personal calling cards. This particular setup usually goes everywhere with me, it’s very handy to keep around.
  • Travelers Company Regular Notebookbag with two inserts and AirCard E (TSL x Baum Kuchen Cover used for a bit also): my got to notetaking and thinking notebook when I have the luxury of a desk, or plenty of space to carry it.
  • Epperson Mountaineering Packable Large Climb Tote: I am not sure I ever used this save for the last day when I was packing up all my stuff. I mostly carried it as a just in case bag.
  • Sharpie Extrafine Tip: I’ve never regretted keeping these in my bag.
  • OHTO Ceramic Rollerball Pen: solid build, seems fancy, is inexpensive. Perfect pen to keep easy access to for those moments when anyone wants to borrow a pen.
  • Forsvarets Hudsalva: this is one of those items where once you try it, you always keep it around. It’s very good at handling very dry or chapped skin. I always keep it on hand in my bags.
  • Live the Creed FAK w/ Trauma Shears: This is a nice pre-packaged FAK, I added a set of trauma shears to the back of it. Don’t let the images fool you on this, it’s way bulkier than they make it look.
  • Nitecore 10k with Nomad Goods ChargeKey: I am overly paranoid about running out of battery power. I’ve never used or needed this at the office. It’s fantastic for travel though.
  • Yuruliku 3 Pen Case
  • Hardgraft Content Cable Case Medium
    • Outlier Grid Linen Wash Cloth: comes in handy if I feel greasy, or I spill something.
    • GORUCK Shemagh: never leave home without one, rarely use this one.
    • Boo Boo Kit w/ Contact Lens Case: a few bandaids, blister care, meds, and contact lens cases.
    • Single Use Super Glue: this stuff takes up no space, and can be magic to have on hand.
    • Rooth Ear Plugs: wearing these in loud places is so nice.
    • HDS Tactical Rotary: my backup light.
    • 3” Chem Light: takes up no space, adds no weight, makes me feel better to have on hand.
    • AirTag: just in case.
    • Swiss Army Knife EVO: always nice to have one of these on hand.
    • Ikigai Case with Advil, Allergy, and Lactaid: go to meds.
    • Magcube 65W Charger: insanely small for how fast it can charge.
    • Zippo w/ Yellow Flame Insert: butane+Zippo, what more could you want.
    • USB-C EarPods: cables4life
    • 2x USB-C Cables: Probably overkill, I had no idea there were two in here. I carry Anker cables.
  • iPad Pro 12.9” w/ Magic Keyboard: always.
  • Snow Peak Kanpai Coffee Mug: a stupid luxury I love.

Most of that stuff I barely used or needed. I could have carried far less, and yet that was as slimmed down as I felt comfortable being at any point in time.

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