Hardgraft Small Brick Card Case – Quick Thoughts

A great small card wallet with added security for smaller items.

Some quick thoughts on Hardgraft’s Small Brick Card Case, which I picked up a while back to hold some overflow cards and cash where it would be living in my briefcase/bags most of the time. I did use this for a couple of weeks as my primary wallet, so I could get a sense of how it works in a more standard use case.

Hardgraft makes many small cases like this, and it’s hard to get a sense of why you might choose one over the other. I could see some loving this as a primary wallet (I would if I didn’t have the Whisky), but I also think it fills my use case perfectly.

Materials & Size

This is a very simple case which Hardgraft claims holds ‘12+’ cards and notes. It’s fully leather with two smaller snaps on the front to secure the flap. I measure this out at 4” x 2.5” x at least 0.5”. It can expand a little which will morph those dimensions slightly.

This can hold a lot of cards/notes, but I tend to keep it filled with 6-8 notes and 4 cards — that’s maybe 85% of capacity right there as a best guess. You have to fold the notes into thirds to make them fit so you lose a good bit of space to that.

There is a main secured pocket, and one outer pocket designed for quick access to a card or a couple of notes. As with all Hardgraft leather goods, the finishing and overall materials are excellent.

In Use

I was unsure what to expect when I ordered this, but I was immediately struck with how much it exceeded my expectations. The leather make up is relatively thin, so there’s not much weight and bulk unnecessarily added as is so often the case with more rugged leather oriented brands (i.e. most but not all American made brands). This lends to the Small Brick Card Case feeling smaller than I expected it to be based on the images alone.

After using it as my wallet for a couple of weeks, I was torn as to whether it might become my only wallet. It’s a touch thick for front pocket carry for me, however it does hold a lot and is very easy to access what it is holding. The two front snaps are nicely secure, while still being easy and realitively quiet to use. The quick access is ideal for day to day use as well.

Perhaps the best feature of this is how secure everything is in the wallet. Even the card slot on the back is designed in such a way that there’s no worry about the card falling out of it. For someone who only needs quick access to a single card, and wants the rest nicely hidden away, this is a near perfect setup.

The only downside on this is that it has an odd visual style. It’s kind of like a leather, adult, version of the classic kids wallet. I find wallets with snaps, velcro, or zippers on them to feel a little silly at times. But this Card Case feels the most grown up of the ones I have tested, while at the same time it feels adjacent, and this is why I relegate this to my briefcase.

For me, the style is a touch off from something I would carry day to day. But the utility is certainly there.


I like this, and if you like the looks in the pictures, then it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed in person. Mine comes with me every where I go, hiding out in some bag near by me.

Buy here, $117

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