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    I know quite a few of you have been asking me about if this was coming, well here it is. I wasn’t a fan of the GR2 in X-Pac (or really X-Pac in general anymore), so this isn’t something I am looking to grab. But if my Discord is any indication, I might be in…

  • Filson 30% off Sale

    Filson 30% off Sale

    Filson is having a 30% off sale on select items. Three of my all time favorite bags are included: Journeyman, $276.50 24hr Briefcase, $276.50 48hr Duffle, $346.50 (review) Get it while you can.

  • GORUCK M22 Backpack Release

    GORUCK released the M22 top loading backpack for $195. I actually like the looks of the bag, and think that it’s great they are branching out to a new style all together. I am holding off buying right now because they stated width on this is 14.5”, which from experience with other bags seems quite…

  • Roka Phantom Sale

    My wife swears by these, and they are the only sunglasses she has ever loved wearing. On sale for $175.

  • Mystery Ranch 30% Off

    ‘Outdoors’ bags are 30% off (code: MRHOLIDAY22), this includes: District 18 & 24, Blitz series, 2 Day Assault, and Urban Assault 21. Buy yourself and your family some new bags, great deal. Page here.

  • GORUCK Black Friday Deals

    Some really killer prices on Ruckers selling for $179. I am not a fan of the Jedburghs myself, but there are some MacV-1s on sale and those are excellent boots.

  • Holiday Deals from GORUCK

    Now is a great time to snag some MACV-1s in your size (I grabbed another pair). If Coyote Brown is a color you like (great color) the GR1 is on sale in that color. Sale here (affiliate link naturally).

  • More Heritage GORUCK Gear

    GORUCK released the GR2 (26L and 34L) in Heritage materials, as well as the Bullet Ruck. They both look great, but be advised that the prices on these are a premium over the stock ones. (Oh, and a Field Pocket in Heritage.) I can’t speak to those items directly, but the GR1 Heritage I bought…

  • GORUCK’s Bullet Ruck w/ Laptop Compartment

    GORUCK dropped a Bullet Ruck w/ Laptop Compartment and it looks like a really great option for those who pack lighter. It holds a 13/14” laptop, unfortunately not the popular 16” models. Find them here, $175.

  • District 18 from Mystery Ranch, Out Now

    My review here, great bag. Buy here, $149

  • Mystery Ranch ASAP SB Discount

    Currently available for $254, it’s one of the best EDC bags money can buy. Amazing price. My review.

  • Nerdle – Wordle Game History

    I’m not a Wordle person, but I am a fan of this developer. So if you are a Wordle person (I think it’s popular) check this out. (Also: what a great icon.)

  • Kuiu Founder’s Day Sale

    Some silly good deals on Kuiu gear at up to 40% off. I’ve tried quite a few things from them, and every single item I have gotten has been great. Their training shorts are my favorites right now for rucking. I snagged a couple more things during this sale.

  • GORUCK X-Mas in July Sale

    This is one of the best sales GORUCK has every year. Get to shopping.

  • Filson Sale (40-ish% off)

    Some good deals to be had, oddball sizes so don’t get too revved up. I grabbed a dry bag to try for a great price though. (Pro-tip: Filson tends to randomly add more stuff throughout sales.) Gear up. 

  • GORUCK Kit Bag Back In Stock (Black)

    $125 with shoulder strap, for what is probably one of the better weekender/travel duffle bags out there. I currently use mine as my emergency bag for my house, and I think it fills that role supremely well (members can head here to see what I use in place of it). My thoughts on the bag…

  • Black Diamond Memorial Day Sale

    Really good deals on headlamps here if you need to grab some. The Spot Lite 200 for a small compact light that has a red light is a favorite of mine. The Wiz is ideal for kids. The Storm models are great for those who need to make it through some rough weather conditions. And…

  • REI Anniversary Sale

    Some good deals on Black Diamond headlamps (big fan of those, though Black Diamond’s sale has slightly better pricing depending on shipping and taxes for you) and hiking shoes (I snagged some Salomon XA’s) — also a bunch of merino gear is on sale and that’s a good enough reason for me to grab another…

  • Tom Bihn Road Buddy Pre-Order!

    I love the Road Buddy series. My review is here. Know that I still use these bags to this day, and refuse to let people borrow them. They are excellent bags. Pre-order for 36 is here. Pre-order for 60 is here. Get some!

  • GORUCK GR1 Field Pockets in Multicam Tropic

    GORUCK just dropped some GR1 Field Pocket in Multicam Tropic — a favorite of mine — and they are not USA made which means the price is nicely set at $50. (They also released Multicam Black and Black at the same price.) I think this is the best size of these GORUCK makes, and I have…