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  • GORUCK GR2 Pre-Orders

    Mostly mentioning this because they are making it in Multicam Tropic and 500D. Oh my. Must resist. Also like 26L GR2 I guess.

  • You Really Need to Quit Twitter

    Caitlin Flanagan on the parasite that is Twitter: Twitter is a parasite that burrows deep into your brain, training you to respond to the constant social feedback of likes and retweets. That takes only a week or two. Human psychology is pathetically simple to manipulate. Once you’re hooked, the parasite becomes your master, and it…

  • GORUCK X-Mas in July

    Some interesting, and somewhat random feeling, deals for this year.

  • Switching Newsletters

    This evening the current newsletter system is being turned off, and I am moving to the native WordPress email notifications. I am *not* migrating your account, so please go here to sign up for email notifications of new blog posts: [Sign Up](

  • GORUCK Simple Shorts

    Really quick: I’ve had a pair of Simple Shorts in Coyote for a while now, but rarely wore them. This summer I’ve been wearing them a lot more, especially since they are one of the few shorts that fit me well (lost some way, yay?). Anyways, they are deceptively good. I won’t say they look…

  • Yeoman Duffel from TOM BIHN Back In Stock For Limited Time

    Tom Bihn just released a batch of Yeoman Duffels in many sizes and colors (including Beaver Camo). They aren’t committing fully to when/if the next run will be. Be sure to snag one if you want one. I love them. Note, from Tom Bihn’s product page at the very bottom: The Yeoman is built entirely…

  • A Couple Items for Sale

    I am trying to slim down over here, so I have two items to sell today: Drop ALT Halo Clear Switches: comes with the keycaps you see on it, and one USB-C cable, just tell me if you want USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A. $85 shipped US Only Sold. EDC Starter Kit: OneTigris…

  • GR2 Now in 500D

    GORUCK dropped new Made in the USA GR2s today (including the coveted 26L size which sold out in like 15min or something crazy). There are two big changes: These are made out of 500D instead of 1000D. The practical difference here is that they will feel much better on day one, and will thus be…

  • Multicam and Multicam Black Rucker 3.0s Released

    Generally not a fan of Multicam Black, but it does look good on the Rucker. The Multicam was the one I had been waiting for, but I think the Coyote Brown actually looks better. As much as I like Multicam itself, the coyote back panel is a reason it bothers me, as is the potential…

  • NEW GR1 Heritage

    As I mentioned in my GR1 Slick explainer, this is actually the ideal slick version of the GR1 — I just didn’t know it was about to come out. The new bags are waxed canvas and have no MOLLE on the outside, while retaining the morale patch spot. They look stellar, come in 21L and…

  • The Wirecutter Missed AGAIN: Ignore their Best Knife Sharpeners

    Edge Pro Apex. Enough said, nothing else you need. Done.

  • GORUCK Rucker 3.0 25L Launched

    GORUCK has released the Rucker 3.0 in the 25L configuration (finally). I picked one up in Coyote Brown right away. There’s a ton new about this bag so the short run down of the 25L: New Lumbar Support New fabric against your body to be more comfortable Two ruck plate pockets to hold up to…

  • New MACV-1s, Brown

    I have been waiting for GORUCK to release forever now, and I did not expect them to look this good. I snagged a pair, and I have high hopes that these can be worn far more stylishly than any other MACV-1s.

  • GORUCK Black Friday Deals

    Their deals are live and here are the ones that stand out to me: Rucker Starter Kit Bundle $233.75, you get a Rucker 3.0 and Ruck Plate. You’ll be looking fitter than anyone you know when you head back to seeing people again. Or something. GR1 Midnight Navy (both sizes) $169, you can’t even buy…

  • GORUCK Organizers Back in Stock

    Just recently GORUCK brought back three awesome organizers. First they brought back their fantastic packing cubes, but added a selection of “flat” models which I assume removes my largest complaint about the folding models from before. I ordered one of each size not test. Second they brought back Shadow Pockets, which have been missing for…

  • GORUCK Black Friday Sale

    On now, and more items likely added around 11/22. Some really great deals with stand outs being the midnight blue GR1 which is an absolute bargain and the seemingly ‘oops’ run of the desert sand color for MACV-1s which are among my favorite shoes out there.

  • Updated Post: Better Video Calling Setups

    I updated this post/guide today to account for my lighting change from a ring light to a large soft light.

  • GORUCK Labor Day Sale

    Heck of a sale.

  • Ulysses 20

    A great update to an amazing writing app, as long as you don’t get silly and try to use it with GitHub, but that’s on you. Anyways, the new dashboard thing is aces: I love that outline feature. It allows you to quickly see the structure of your document and is something I use every…

  • GORUCK Xmas in July Sale

    Some insane deals as always. GR2s for $229, GR1s for $169, and the 15L Bullet ruck for just $79. You cannot go wrong with any of those and I highly recommend each. Hard not to buy those bags at those prices, but I already own multiples of each. Also the Simple Pants and the Stealth…