Eli Schiff:

Arment too let his fear be known: “I’m scared of having damaged my relationship with Apple.” It is highly interesting that Arment of all people now regrets and fears having criticized Apple, considering that six years earlier, he was not so afraid of throwing punches at the company.

Interesting post all around about how people criticize Apple.

Really sweet new Mac app which provides a dead simple way to put your app screenshots on beautiful images. Very nice work, and a great pricing model too.

If you work on apps, add this to list.

Yours truly, in my review of the 2010 MacBook Air:

The computer is so light that when sitting on the couch cushion and charging I am not at all confident that the MagSafe would release before the computer would get yanked to the floor. I thankfully have yet to test this in the “real world” but in giving it a few tugs it seems to be that 60% of the time the MagSafe pops loose. It really depends on the material the Air is sitting on as the lack of weight in the machine means that it needs some friction to help that MagSafe release without pulling the Air to the ground.

Puts things in perspective a bit.

(Apologies for the missing images, I’ll have to search for those.)

Marco Arment:

The dumbwatch industry’s best hopes are either their own successful lines of Android Wear watches, or praying that the overlap between their customers and smartwatch buyers doesn’t get very big.

Oh, yeah, no. I'm guessing Marco isn't a watch person. Which really isn't that hard of a guess to make given that he uses the term “dumbwatch” — a term akin to 'iTouch'.

I’m actually quite tired of talking about what we call blogs, or don’t call them. Or the permalink structure, or who gives a shit.

When people ask me what I do, outside of work, I tell them I write. When they ask what I write I tell them I write a blog. If they laugh I tell them the cold hard stats, just as I tell the world.

At that point they either shut up, or fuck off, either one I am fine with.1

  1. I link to Josh only because that was the tab that was open, and he’s way to nice to use “fuck off” and it really needed to be said here. 

Steven Sande:

I could go on, but I won't. The next time I hear someone refer to an Apple Watch with a price that starts at $349 as expensive compared to the Pebble Time – which hasn't shipped yet either, by the way – I'm just going to shake my head and walk away. There's no fighting stupid.

MG Siegler on the new MacBook:

I can’t recall the last time I used a machine that wasn’t powerful enough to handle everything on the web (insert Adobe Flash joke here), but it was definitely more than two years ago. I’m sure I’ll be fine with this new machine.

Same here.

Ingvi Hrannar:

The idea of taking a whole class to a computer room with outdated equipment, once a week to practice their typewriting skills and sending them back to the classroom 40 minutes later, is obsolete. Computers or technology shouldn’t just be a specific subject, that’s not sufficient anymore but rather it should be an integral part of all the subjects and built into the curriculum.

Kevin Wild:

Without the iPad, my grandparents would've continued living their lives disconnected from the wonders of the internet and modern technology. It has empowered – not intimidated – them to embrace how technology can improve their lives.

I can echo many of these sentiments over three sets of grandparents in our family. My grandfather spends hours each day looking at new photos we post to iCloud, and prints the ones he wants. He likes stuff all over Facebook, while my grandmother watches Japanese news from her hometown — live.

On my wife's side her grandfather FaceTimes almost everyday at lunch. Another likes and comments on photos in iCloud constantly.

I've spent hours with them fixing routers and computers in the past. But with iOS they've fixed things themselves and have been empowered to try what they want without waiting for me.

I tell them one thing when it comes to iOS (after I get the first backup done in iCloud): don't be afraid to do, press, install, or try anything. There's nothing you can break which I can't easily tell you how to fix over the phone.

I've never been called in to fix something that took more than a moment. I love it, and I know they do.