Jason Snell:

Unfortunately, the hardware has outpaced the maturity of the operating system and app ecosystem. This is a product that can be used to get real work done, but if Apple had spent more time adding iPad features to iOS, the argument in its favor would be a whole lot easier to make.

Spot on.

Myke Hurley:

As a 1.0 product, I am astounded by just how well the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro work together. After only having used it for a few days, I am now at the point where I wouldn't want to go back. Being able to take quick notes or doodles whilst recording podcasts, having quick access to some sketching tools to mark up a document or screenshot, and having a new way to interact with iOS more precisely, has made the Pencil a must-have item in my toolkit.

Great review.

Really great look at 1Writer from Viticci. I've personally been using the app with my iPad Pro and it has been great. I tried to use Byword for a bit, but what an odd app — I just can't get into it. 1Writer is really neat and is a nice fill in while we all wait for the Ulysses iPad Pro update.1

  1. Yes, they are working on it. That's really all I know. 

What a great list from Brent Simmons, I subscribed to them all.

Manton Reece:

I remain very optimistic about the iPad Pro, especially when the Apple Pencil is actually available. From a business standpoint, it also seems like a better investment in time than either the Apple Watch or Apple TV. There are so many platforms and distractions now. If I can’t focus on a single platform, I want to at least be proactive in saving some attention for the iPad.

Speaking of Thomas, you can find his game here.

Stephen Hackett:

However, with the iPad Pro — and to a lesser extent, the new Apple TV — Apple's launched a new hardware product without a great first-party example of what people should do with it.

I would argue that Apple didn't launch a great first-party app because they no longer need to launch these with iOS devices. And there is no need to define the iPad Pro, because the people who wanted one, already got it. If you don't get the iPad Pro, then there is no great app which is going to help you get it.

Good article, but as I read it I couldn’t help but think: it’s amazing how little control Google is willing to assert over partners. It’s not even that they can’t assert that control — they could. It’s that they don’t want to. What other option do cellphone makers have outside of Android?

Not much.

Yet Google bends to them when they really shouldn’t. Especially on things like timely updates.

Great new book from the crew at The Sweet Setup. I’ve had a chance to read through most of it, and it is really well done. Day One is an enigma to me: I love the app, but can’t get into a routine with it. I’m thinking this book is going to help with that.

This is a great new site. I’d say it is one which you must add to your RSS subscriptions, but Medium doesn’t have fucking RSS feeds.

I honestly have no clue how you are to accurately follow publications on Medium. Yes, you can follow them, but there’s no easy way… Forget it.

This is a new thing from Justin Blanton, which means it is worth the follow — whatever the fuck that means on Medium.

UPDATE: Turns out there is a hidden RSS feed: https://medium.com/feed/@jblanton Apparently one of you knew. Thanks!

Ben Evans:

You can put the old ecosystem on the new form factor. You'll probably sell some of them. But is that the future, or is it a new Chevy Camaro or Mustang – a product that your existing fanbase loves but that ignores the Teslas and self-driving cars on the way?

Speaking of Tom Bihn bags, look at the pains they go through testing back panel fabrics:

In an effort to better understand what we were experiencing, Tom’s longtime friend Robert Swarner (sculptor, helicopter pilot, product designer, big wall climber and machinist) came up with a device that’d allow us to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of Dri-Lex® Aero-Spacer® mesh. Tom and Robert modified a Synapse and equipped it with Robert’s mobile heat sensors and data recording device, which we named The Swarner 5000 Datalogger. The Synapse had a back panel split down the center vertically: one half was spacer mesh and the other half was 1050 Ballistic (both sides were padded with closed-cell foam). Over the course of the last year, we’ve used this special Synapse on day hikes long and short, on hot summer days and cooler winter ones, and usually on hikes with big elevation gains.

The Economist:

On Oct. 31, 2015, one of economist.com’s vendors, PageFair, was hacked. If you visited economist.com at any time between Oct. 31, 23:52 GMT and 01:15 GMT, Nov. 1, using Windows OS and you do not have trusted anti-virus software installed, it is possible that malware, disguised as an Adobe update, was downloaded onto your PC.

According to Twitter, PageFair is an anti-adblocker. Those fuckers.

George Monbiot:

Fire is raging across the 5,000km length of Indonesia. It is surely, on any objective assessment, more important than anything else taking place today. And it shouldn’t require a columnist, writing in the middle of a newspaper, to say so. It should be on everyone’s front page. It is hard to convey the scale of this inferno, but here’s a comparison that might help: it is currently producing more carbon dioxide than the US economy. And in three weeks the fires have released more CO2 than the annual emissions of Germany.

Holy shit.

CGP Grey:

I’m taking this month to dial the volume down. But the problem is more difficult than it used to be.

I'm having to do similar things as it will be the only way I can meet the crazy goals I set for myself this month.