His thoughts pretty well mimic mine after a week with the computer. Time will tell, but so far the only issues I’m seeing:

  • That up arrow key is impossible for me to reliably hit thus far
  • I keep hitting CMD+Q instead of CMD+Tab, hopefully that subsides.
  • The battery life is about 1 hour shy of being truly all day for me.

Aside from all that, this fucking computer impresses and excites me every time I touch it.

Nate Barham, after a lot of usage on the MacBook:

But more than anything, the sensation communicates a sturdy and well-crafted feel that reinforces the MacBook’s attitude of precise construction, especially when used in direct comparison to the often soft, flimsy, or brittle feel of other notebook keyboards.

Seems like a stretch to me for any person to make so many conclusions on things like a keyboard or trackpad when they have used the computer for just a day. For a point of reference I won’t make a judgment on any keyboard until two weeks of solid use.

Erin Brooks:

Sometimes I need a little more help for my photos than Litely can give, so I’ll keep VSCO Cam around, but Litely really is a lovely app and welcome addition to my phone’s “photography” folder.

I still think Darkroom is better, but my wife is certainly the better photographer, so I defer to her.

I haven't had time to watch all of David Sparks' latest Field Guide, but what I have seen is fantastic. Photos and iCloud Photo Library is how I manage all of my photos these days. Fantastic tool.

Dave Caolo:

That’s it. Now your iPhone and your Watch will remain silent whenever a notification arrives. Your Watch will tap your wrist, but no one will be aware. The Watch’s display won’t even light up unless you raise your arm, so you needn’t worry about bothering anyone, yet you never miss a notification.

That’s how I roll.

Matt Henderson:

You can see that on my MacBook Air, this folder contains a bunch of “.bts” files—which are tiny “aliases” to the original files stored elsewhere. Now here’s what’s great—If I need an installer locally, I just double-click it, and it downloads in place! And when I’m finished with installer, I simply delete it in the Finder, and shortly thereafter I’ll see its “.bts” alias re-appear.

Huge BTSync fan here.

I’ll have more to write about on this later, but this is a fantastic post from Shawn. One thing that I really liked was this bit:

This one’s a luxury, but it’s also so great. If you checked out the photos of Sean, Cameron, and/or Jeff’s offices you may have noticed that there were multiple “stations”. They’re offices have more than one physical place to do work.

I have two such stations: standing and sitting. I don’t have an adjustable desk any longer, but I’ve found having two stations is actually a boon.

I’ve tried Authy, and I’ve tried 1Password for two factor authentication. Authy is meh. 1Password is really nice, but the two factor codes are so buried it’s a pain in the ass to get to them.

And then there’s Lockdown and its simplicity is awesome. On the main screen I can see all the codes: boom. If I drill down I can see the current code AND the next code. That last bit is really the killer feature for me. It also works on the Apple Watch.

Home screen app for me. Well done.

Brent Simmons:

What I don’t have yet, though, is a replacement micro-blogging system. I’m going to let that just be an unmet need for now. Perhaps it’s the grain of sand that irritates me into generating a pearl. And perhaps not.

Exactly the reason I started a private Slack with just fellow nerds. It’s really quiet in there, like ~200 messages a week, and I’ve been vigilant to protect that. I don’t want a lot of noise, I just want a group of people interesting in similar things, which I can bring an idea/question/complaint to and get enjoyable responses. And if you’ve noticed I mostly just use Twitter for self-promotion these days.

It’s too annoying to do anything more.

Nice piece from Matt on what I suspect will be true for a great many people. HOWEVER, Matt has only had the device for a few days, and even with me going over 8 days with the Watch, I think it is far too early for either of us to be drawing these kinds of conclusions yet.

This is a premature post if you ask me.