What If, No That Couldn’t Happen… Could It?

Here’s a crazy, yet pretty awesome, thought that I had today: what if Microsoft finally canned Steve Ballmer and hired Scott Forstall as their new CEO?

Let’s put aside the fact that Forstall is still working with Apple for another year, and the fact that he likely has a non-compete for 6-12 months after that. All of that aside, what if?

I don’t think it is that absurd of a fit, Forstall is labeled as a “jerk” to work with, yet Ballmer throws chairs. So Forstall is probably less of a jerk than Ballmer — that has to be a plus for Microsoft.

Add to that Microsoft’s board can tout they just hired the man that was key in making iOS what it is today. Another stock win there.

Microsoft could be infused with a little Apple blood to get things going. That can’t hurt anyone.

Most of all though, Microsoft would be a whole hell of a lot less boring.

The fact is, Forstall was only head of one division at Apple — albeit a very important and successful division, but only that division. I don’t know how he would do as a CEO of any company, but I can’t see him taking any less of a position. That’s why I think it would be in Microsoft’s best interest to try and hire him.

Oh one last thing: I bet such a move would put a dent in Apple’s stock for a bit. Apple’s “arch-rival” of days-past hires a recently ousted executive of Apple’s most popular product line, who now vows revenge.

That’s something that would make me break out the kettle-corn.

Originally posted for members on: October 31, 2012
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