My Disney World Gear Report

Here’s the gear you really need to do a Disney World trip, there you go.

My family bit off a lot all at once. During the brief COVID-19 pandemic respites, my wife and I had taken small trips here and there without the kids (they were not vaccinated, so they stayed back). Then as they were vaccinated and things opened back up we did a few road trips, not much else.

However, we did plan a big trip to Disney World — a fast, hot, and busy trip for the first big family vacation post-lockdown.

For those who have not been to Disney, or have not been to Disney parks in a while, the one thing to know is that they are never static. The way things work, operate, and the tips seem to change each time I visit one of the parks (I know, first world problems). To that end, I read a ton of guides about what to bring with me, what isn’t allowed, and all that for this trip. Those guides were fine, but I don’t know, they missed out on a few things. So here’s my gear report from the trip, highlighting some things which the guides got wrong or which need to be emphasized more.

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