Mystery Ranch Blitz 30

Lots of clever design features, makes this bag one of the more versatile Mystery Ranch bags I own.

Note: Mystery Ranch provided this backpack for review.

I’ve had the Blitz 30 for quite some time now, and I’ve used it in a wide variety of scenarios. It’s a bag which really surprised me for how versatile it can be. While this is a new offering it is along the same lines of the popular 2 Day Assault — which means it has many of the lessons Mystery Ranch has learned in all its various military bags, but distilled into a more affordable offering for those not going to literal war zones.

I really like a lot of things about this bag, but there are nuances and caveats here. Like the 2 Day Assault, you’ll need to first be good with the military vibes, but if you are, then you are left with a really nice bag and one which more easily spans a wide gambit of use than the 2 Day Assault.

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