iPad Productivity Report — 12/11/17

Giving Pocket a go and how I keep the budget in check with GTD.

A quick look into how I manage a wishlist for myself, and a not on read later services.

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  • A Rucking Side Effect

    Quick tip on getting a smell out of your GORUCK bag.

    I was getting ready to take a trip and started packing up my GR1 for travel. I had been using it as my bag for rucking as well. And then I noticed it.

    That smell.

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  • Stop Messing About With Crap

    Side note on “the best” things in life.

    A running theme on this site is how absurd some of my searches get when it comes to the cost of the single items I often find to be “the best”. A lot of people don’t see the point in spending $300 on a backpack, or $200 on a pair of pants, or even $30 for one pair of socks.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 12/4/17

    iPad size choices and a Workflow sync issue.

    Circling back to iPad sizes, and an annoyance with Workflow to watch out for.

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  • Finding a New Watch

    Looking for a new watch for harder use, but which still looks pretty.

    As I recently noted in my Apple Watch thoughts post, I am not a fan of wearing my Apple Watch — even when I work out. I noted in my Rucking post that I occasionally wear the Apple Watch for tracking my mile times, however I’ve moved to using Gaia GPS on my iPhone for that purpose and now I don’t use my Apple Watch at all.

    For me, there’s nothing more appealing than putting a lovely mechanical watch on my wrist. I wear one almost all day long — typically only removing my watch when I shower. I have many reasons for this, but I tend to think you either already understand why you would do this, or you never will understand it — so I’ll leave it at that.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 11/27/17

    Studying and notes with iPads, typefaces, and writing themes.

    This week I look into iPads in classrooms, as well as my own note taking shifts away from the iPad, and give a quick nod to a new writing typeface and a new writing theme I am trying.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 11/20/17

    Suppress notifications with prejudice, hidden feature reminder, and personal hotspots.

    This week: how to avoid embarrassment when you are showing someone else something on your iPad screen, a quick reminder about a very hidden feature, and a tip on personal hotspots.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 11/13/17

    Focused, attentive, diversion-less, but not precious, work.

    This week I take a dive into why iPads make for a less distracting operating system — and how I leverage the tools offered by iOS to make it even less annoying.

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  • State of Bags: The Best Choices to Make

    So you’ve read all my bag reviews and every time I like a new bag you wonder if that’s a bag you should get. This article should help clear things up for you.

    In lieu of the normal iPad Productivity Report, I present to you my “state of bags” report.

    Over the past year, I’ve tested and reviewed a bunch of new bags. This often leaves readers wondering: yeah but which one should I get? I hope to clear that up with this post, as these are the best choices you can make for a range of activities.

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  • Year of Gear: October 2016 – October 2017

    Taking a look at my favorite things I reviewed over the past year.

    This year has been a big year on gear reviewing side of things, as I’ve poured through a lot of stuff to try and find things worth owning. Below, are some of the very best things I found and reviewed this year:

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  • Tote Bags for Grocery Shopping

    A whole new bag category for the blog, totes!

    There was a recent change in local laws, this change means that grocery stores can no longer give patrons plastic bags, and they must charge $0.05 for each paper bag. The goal is to push people to use reusable bags, and for most, the 5 cent charge per paper bag is inconsequential but a little annoying.

    But it pissed me off, naturally.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 10/30/17

    Dictation as a primary means of input on the iPad.

    This week, a short note about dictation as a primary means of input.

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  • Rucking Gear

    What I am using on my rucking workouts.

    Since I posted about my Rucking workouts, I figured I should also post about the gear I use when I ruck. My list is still evolving, but I’ll go over what I use now and generally why I have that item.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 10/23/17

    Going around the horn on iPad thoughts this week.

    A potpourri of thoughts this week from journaling, iPad mini, keyboard sharing, and even a tip for a change. Plus, as a huge bonus, I got to use the word potpourri twice.

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  • Thinking More About Apple Watch

    Where and how does the Apple Watch fit, and grow?

    Like many I had the first Apple Watch model and quickly fell to love it, then I hated, then I liked it, and now I am back to being rather ambivalent towards it. It seems that if you regularly used a watch before the Apple Watch, that you are much more prone to having mixed feelings about it. Whereas, generally, those who had no watch before the Apple Watch tend to like the watch much better.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this, especially with the impact of a new version of Apple Watch with LTE coming out. This solves a lot of the shortcomings, but doesn’t fundamentally change the value proposition for those who like “normal” watches.

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  • Rucking as a Workout

    Turns out, the best work out for me involves a backpack, shocking, I know.

    A eight months ago, I made a decision to start working out five times per week. Being the nerd I am, I started by trying many different work out apps on my phone, and they all sucked. Working out in your house is boring and lame was my conclusion. I started looking at local gyms, but since I don’t ever have any reason to drive somewhere during the day (I work from home) that seemed laughable at best.

    There is a very large and nice wooded state park a short five minute walk from my front door. So I started to do short hikes in there on the rugged and hilly terrain. At first this was a casual walk, then I added a backpack since it was a good way to test them for my reviews. Then I added a bit of weight to get a better work out and quickly realized: well this is rucking.

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