Lochby Field Journal

You are going to see me carrying this around, and this might be the most affordable thing I have reviewed in a long time.

Note: Lochby provided this item for review at no cost.

Lochby, the rebranded BOND Travel Gear, produces something which I really wanted to give a try: the Field Journal. I have this idea in my head, and that idea is that the A5 sized notebooks are roughly the perfect notebook size for carrying around and still being able to happily be used at a desk. But, me being me, I also wanted to know how you might accessorize such a nice little notebook.

I am not alone in this thinking, as Lochby produces both the Field Journal, as well as A5-ish sized notebooks for it which utilize the coveted Tomoe River paper. I’ve been trying one out now for sometime, and long story short: this is a really good product which moves to incredible when you factor in the low pricing.

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