iPad Productivity Report — 1/21/19

I moved to a one iPad Pro setup, and to the new 12.9” model.

Over this holiday break my iPad Pro setup changed. I had no intention of switching my setup, but a generous gift of an 11” iPad Pro upended my thinking. As I’ve written in the past, there was no real need for me to upgrade my iPad hardware, but that’s not to say that the new devices aren’t very nice.

So what happened next was simple, I decided to proceed with the 11” iPad Pro which had the base 64gb of storage (this is how I know first hand this is actually enough storage). I used that setup for a week and a half and sold off all my other iPads. And then, I changed my mind and swapped the 11” for a 12.9” model and since I was swapping I went ahead and increased the storage size for peace of mind down the road. So what I want to talk about this week is threefold: the 11” iPad size, the new 12.9” footprint, and some accessories I have added to my stable.

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  • A Quick Update on Performance Clothing

    You really need to be wearing clothing that works better.

    I wrote a series of posts a while ago about my quest for finding better clothing for travel. That morphed into finding better clothing for everyday and all of that morphed into my launching a new site with my pal Steve, called Everyday Wear.

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  • Benchmade Proper 319

    There’s something very special about this knife.

    If there was one knife I spent all of 2018 wanting, it was this knife: the Benchmade Proper. This is a fantastic looking knife and a bit of a modern take on an older knife style.

    I’ve been using this knife now for about three weeks and I have fallen in love with it. It is fantastic, so let’s dive in.

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  • Snack Pick of the Week – 1/14/19

    A little bit sticky.

    I am going all out for the snack pick this week, and I have to warn you that this might send you back in time a bit. This week I have a gluten free snack pick, which is always nice and inclusive. So this week it’s Mike and Ike Original Fruits.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 1/14/19

    An iPad is great for ergonomics and work. Also, a bunch of pictures of my old desk setups.

    I’ve long struggled with how to layout and ‘design’ my desk area. There’s two competing “best” ways to go about this: looks and ergonomics. And these are nearly mutually exclusive (you can’t have a beautiful desk which is also perfectly ergonomic), but I also have come to realize that I have been thinking about this all wrong. And, contrary to popular opinion, that the iPad is not the ergonomic nightmare most think it is.

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  • Magpul DAKA Pouch

    Surprisingly handy pouch.

    I have been seeing these pouches for quite some time now and figured it was about time I give one a try to see what the hype is all about. These are a heavy polymer substance (feels like soft non-sticky rubber) and have a single zipper across the top which is a weatherproof zipper with an oversized zipper pull. At each top corner there’s an eyelet to help with clipping the pouches to something.

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  • Snack Pick of the Week: 1/8/19


    Since I am a day late this week, we have some ground to make up for. Thus, the easily forgotten, but always satisfying Keebler Deluxe Graham’s are the snack pick for the week.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 1/7/19

    Some solid iPad apps to recommend, and a teaser of some changes I have been making to my setup.

    It’s been a while since I wrote a full iPad Productivity Report, so for the new year I am back at it. This will be the first of many to come over the next couple of months as some big rethinks are in the works for me with my iPad Pro setup(s). Today I want to address a few things I am playing with: font management, space needs, Notion, and Vellum. And then at the end I want to touch on a few upcoming things with my setup.

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  • So You Bought a GR1, Now What?

    Some of the things I tell new GR1 owners to do upon getting their bag.

    I see a lot of comments/tweets/posts about people who get a new GORUCK GR1 bag, and then are not exactly sure what they should do with it from there (other than use it). This post walks you through how I take on a new GORUCK bag and the steps I take to make it mine.

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  • Snack Pick of the Week: 12/31/18


    This week brings us a new year and there’s only one way you should be ushering in a new year with your snacks. That’s by eating Entenmann’s Softees donuts, the variety pack which you buy for the cinnamon sugar donuts, but suffer through eating the others.

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  • Sleeping Away From Devices, An Experiment

    My experiment with not sleeping near my devices.

    At the end of October, I started a little experiment. I stopped sleeping with my electronic devices in the same room as me. Specifically, that means my iPhone, and iPad(s). There’s a lot of research/studies/hypotheses around the impact devices have on our health, but there is one thing I believe in all those: the blue light from the devices is terrible for you at night.

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  • Best of 2018

    Here are the best things I reviewed this year.

    I reviewed a lot of products this year, and one thing I am always sensitive to is not leading people on a never ending chase towards ‘new and shiny’ for no reason other than it is ‘new and shiny.’ It’s the reason I try to keep my “best page” (for members) up to date: so that members always have a sense of what I find to be the best, no matter what I may be using/reviewing/writing about at any given time. To wrap up 2018, here’s a look back at the items I think were the best new items of the year, as well as other notables which fall into the best.

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  • Snack Pick of the Week — 12/24/18


    Shortbread, specifically my grandfathers. Unfortunately I am not going to share his recipe, but I will give away one tip in it “butter, lots and lots of butter”. Nothing says the holidays to me like good shortbread cookies.

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  • Snack Pick of the Week: 12/17/18


    The snack pick for this week is an all time favorite of mine, Marie Biscuits, the round delicious tea time biscuits you always find in places you duck into in order to kill time. They are delicious, and of course you can snag them on Amazon.

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  • Tom Bihn’s Shadow Guide

    Hey-o, what a great backpack with a ton of room.

    Note: Tom Bihn sent me this bag for the purposes of this review.

    Some time ago Tom Bihn released the Guide’s Pack, which looked like an old school hiking backpack, but with some modern treatments. The limiting factor with that pack, is that despite being quite good, it is far more at home in the woods than in the airport or city. That’s where this Shadow Guide comes in, the same basic design, but rethought to work better as a city and travel backpack.

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  • Insisting on family friendly

    Ok, so there’s going to be some talk about Pornhub in this one, fyi.

    I’m worried about Apple’s stance that their ecosystems must be pure and free from debauchery, remaining family friendly at all times. Or to put it another way, free from pornography and swearing.This isn’t a straightforward thing, and it’s not clear what is good or bad for society as a whole, though I would argue that Apple’s approach of random censorship is more bad than good. And at best, absurdly hypocritical.

    Apple’s Current Stance and what we know as why

    Generally speaking, iOS users today are restricted as follows:

    • no pornography based apps
    • sexual ‘wellness’ apps are fine, but hindered in what they show. For example: you could get away with depictions by way of illustration, but not out right photography of them.
    • there amazingly does exist a plethora of ‘sexy’ games, but most seem to be benign truth or dare style text based games.
    • iOS autocorrect will not allow you to swear easily, you have to jump through many hoops.
    • any app that allows easy access to adult content, porn, is likely not to survive long, if at all. Unless it’s very popular.

    We know about the why for some of this:

    It’s all what you would expect. There’s too great a risk for unintended consequences with autocorrect working with curse words, and Apple generally feels pornography is a slippery slope which is not manageable for them. Which is fair, until you realize the complete shit that makes it into the App Store already then your like, wut.

    But these two rather simple decisions have quite a ripple effect on our lives as a whole.


    There’s something innocuous feeling in Apple’s refusals to acknowledge curse words. At first glance this seems rather obvious, it would be too easy for a kid talking about a duck, to send a message that says fuck. I am going to go out on a limb and say that a machine learning based autocorrect system will quickly learn that fuck is far more common than people talking about ducks. Which is perhaps why it is so ducking annoying that iOS doesn’t make cursing easy.

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