iPadding: Kids Edition

An iPad case for kids, and some games that my kids have been playing non-stop.

Two things of note about my kids’ iPad setups…

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  • Filson Tablet Briefcase

    A smaller version of my beloved Filson Briefcase.

    When I first bought my beloved Filson Original Briefcase, I was torn between getting that and the newer, Tablet Briefcase which Filson had on offer. (I shall now note, that the Tablet briefcase, as of right now, is no longer available from Filson. You can however find it from some third party retailers for great prices.) I ended up the with Original, because I wanted an original. When I saw these Tablet briefcases on steep discounts at the end of 2017, I picked one up as well.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — A New Stand

    Modifying a new stand to stop the shake.

    For over a year now my go to iPad stand has been the Yohann stands (reviewed here). They are beautful, and functional. There’s only one flaw with them: they sit the iPad screen very low. On a daily basis when typing this hasn’t been and issue for me as the screens are high enough that I am in no physical pain using them.

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  • Social Media, and Me

    Approaching a new relationship with social media in 2018.

    A few nights ago, I posted on Micro.blog (which cross posts to Twitter like magic) the following:

    Taking a break from Twitter for 2018 and such. Micro.blog is much more sane.

    I had not given it any more thought than that one post. There was no master plan, other than the specific choice of saying “break” instead of something more dramatic like “deleting”. After I posted that, I went ahead and removed the Twitter apps on my iPhone and iPad Pro 10.5 — but not on my 12.9”. The only reason I keep that copy on that iPad is because there are a few people who regularly DM me, and I’d like not to cut them out of my life.

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  • GORUCK GR1 26L v 34L GR2

    I forgot I said the 34L GR2 was the bag to buy, so allow me to correct this confusion.

    I’ve now had the 34L GR2 for some time, and I’ve taken it all over with me. One thing which is common knowledge about the 34L GR2 is that it is essentially (though slightly taller) a GR1 26L with an extra compartment added on — making it deeper.

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  • App Review: Pocket

    Taking a look at Pocket as my new read later app.

    The membership for 2018 is shifting a bit, to include posts which are not strictly iPad Productivity Reports. There will still be at least one member post per week, however it won’t always be a specific iPad post.

    I mentioned a few weeks back that I was in the market for a new read later app. I have a real need for something more robust than Safari Reading List as it’s proven to be too basic.

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  • Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Military

    This is my favorite watch, and what I wear daily.

    When I wrote about my search for a new watch, I can honestly tell you that my search started with this watch, and I ended up buying this watch despite trying to convince myself of many others. This watch pays homage to a mil-spec Submariner which Rolex only made a few dozen of — today those sell for over $150,000. So, given that, at about $450 this watch is a steal, and it has better water resistance ratings than the original Rolex.

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  • Brief Note on Packing Cubes for GR1s

    Quick packing cube note for GR1 users.

    I’ve been asked a ton about the new GORUCK Packing Cubes. Since I have both I figured I’d share some initial thoughts. All pictures are taken with the cubes in a 21L GR1, the 26L will just have more room at the top of the bag.

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  • Some First Impressions

    A quick look at some items I’m testing right now.

    As we head into the new year, I have quite a few items I am currently testing, which I doubt that I’ll be ready to review for a while. Instead, here’s some previews and first impressions of items I’m testing.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 12/18/17

    A smattering of things from membership housekeeping to writing, to new iPad Pro hardware wants.

    This is going to be the last “report” of the year and I’ll resume on January 1st, 2018 — I want to thank all of your for being a member and reading these weekly reports. This has been a fun challenge to push for this year.

    This week I have a smattering of things for you: new site feature, membership update, a look at my morning paper, some thoughts on OLED, my thoughts on iA’s new typeface for writing. Let’s get to it.

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  • GORUCK Rucker versus GORUCK GR1

    Taking a look at the Rucker as an alternative to the GR1.

    As I wrote about, my GR1 started to smell terrible from all the working out with it, so I decided it would be worthwhile to get a dedicated workout GORUCK. Naturally, I went with a Rucker as this is specifically what they are designed for.

    A Rucker is essentially a GR1 without the laptop compartment, without the internal MOLLE, but added strap to secure a ruck plate as well as a hydration bladder retention strap. Basically, this is the bag you want to get if you intend to never carry a laptop, you ruck, or you want to hike.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 12/11/17

    Giving Pocket a go and how I keep the budget in check with GTD.

    A quick look into how I manage a wishlist for myself, and a not on read later services.

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  • A Rucking Side Effect

    Quick tip on getting a smell out of your GORUCK bag.

    I was getting ready to take a trip and started packing up my GR1 for travel. I had been using it as my bag for rucking as well. And then I noticed it.

    That smell.

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  • Stop Messing About With Crap

    Side note on “the best” things in life.

    A running theme on this site is how absurd some of my searches get when it comes to the cost of the single items I often find to be “the best”. A lot of people don’t see the point in spending $300 on a backpack, or $200 on a pair of pants, or even $30 for one pair of socks.

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  • iPad Productivity Report — 12/4/17

    iPad size choices and a Workflow sync issue.

    Circling back to iPad sizes, and an annoyance with Workflow to watch out for.

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  • Finding a New Watch

    Looking for a new watch for harder use, but which still looks pretty.

    As I recently noted in my Apple Watch thoughts post, I am not a fan of wearing my Apple Watch — even when I work out. I noted in my Rucking post that I occasionally wear the Apple Watch for tracking my mile times, however I’ve moved to using Gaia GPS on my iPhone for that purpose and now I don’t use my Apple Watch at all.

    For me, there’s nothing more appealing than putting a lovely mechanical watch on my wrist. I wear one almost all day long — typically only removing my watch when I shower. I have many reasons for this, but I tend to think you either already understand why you would do this, or you never will understand it — so I’ll leave it at that.

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