Month: August 2010



  • The Oatmeal Just Gets Us

    So very very true. You won’t get me to blink until it hits $9.99 though, just ask my bank.

  • Apple to Provide Live Video Streaming of September 1 Event

    For the first time since 2005 Apple will be providing a live video feed for tomorrow’s event – no need for compulsive refreshing tomorrow as we can all now stream it.

  • Is Facebook ‘Too Big to Fail’ – Hell No

    In a post on the Backupify blog, Jay said this: As written previously, Facebook has become too big to fail. Everyone is on Facebook, so everyone wants to be on Facebook. Perhaps more accurately, Facebook is AOL 2.0 — a massive walled garden that makes the internet simpler and safer for the average user. Facebook […]

  • Coming Soon: AMD and Intel Inside

    AMD is killing off the ATI brand name and rolling it all under the AMD brand. Smart move that makes a lot of sense. The thing is, this really looks to be a shot at Intel, I mean AMD primarily has competed against Intel and now you can get a computer that has both Intel […]

  • Courier for Mac

    Realmac Software: Courier allows you to share files, images, photos, movies, and more with all your favourite online services – including Flickr and Facebook. I hate, hate, hate how cumbersome it is to upload to Flickr, so this is a very welcome app for me.

  • Call Failed, Now Brought to you by Google

    Michael Arrington talking about Google Voice’s recent troubles: About 30% of my inbound calls have the caller muted – they can hear me but I can’t hear them. And outbound calls are worse. In the last 24 hours at least 75% of them failed completely. Either it never starts ringing, or it rings a couple […]

  • Character Amnesia

    Judith Evans: Character amnesia happens because most Chinese people use electronic input systems based on pinyin, which translates Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet. Interesting side effect of technology, really makes me wonder what would have happened if the US and western systems weren’t the ones to invent the digital inputs.

  • MySpace Announces Its Death

    I had almost forgotten about MySpace, but good news for its 3 users, you can now sync with Facebook (the much more popular social networking site).

  • Slow Death of Digg

    Rose and Co. are trying to push for massive change, instead of being like Zuckerberg and telling people that ‘this is the way it is’ he is caving to pressure from users. This will only end badly for everyone.

  • National Parks Infinite Photo

    Click to zoom in (flash) and reveal a lot more photos, very cool. [via Coudal]

  • Gmail Priority Inbox Sorts Your Email For You

    Jason Kincaid: The system uses a plethora of criteria to decide which messages are most important: things like how frequently you open and/or respond to messages from a given sender, how often you read messages that contain a certain keyword, and whether or not the message is addressed solely to you or looks like it […]

  • Steve Jobs on Apple’s Core Value

    Steve Jobs on Apple’s core value: We believe that people with passion, can change the world for the better. That is a lot different from Google’s ‘don’t be evil’ motto. This is also a great video where Jobs talks about marketing while wearing shorts. Also here is a link to a better quality version of […]

  • Less Stress One Bankers Box at a Time Part II

    On Wednesday I stated this: It is Wednesday, August 25th, and I am tired. I am really tired, I don’t know why, but I am. I have been all over today and just read this great post over at FiftyFootShadows (via Minimal Mac) on minimalism and consumerism. It got me to thinking about a goal […]

  • Lessons from Google Wave

    Dare Obasanjo on Google Wave’s announcement The product announcement read more like a technology showcase than an announcement for a product that is actually meant to help people communicate, collaborate or make their lives better in any way. This is an example of a product where smart people spent a lot of time working on […]

  • How to Ruin Twitter

    Alexis Madrigal: It allows you to stash a piece of content (say, a website or an e-book) and only allow access to it after a user has tweeted something about it. In other words, it’s like a paywall in which you pay by tweeting about something. Sounds terrible to me.

  • Leaked Screenshot Shows a Cleaner, Simpler IE9

    Does anybody think that the translucent Windows Vista/7 UI looks good. Looks like crap if you ask me.

  • The Amazing Wooden Mirror

    Thomas Davie: The concept is simple but formidably clever: a tiny camera gathers light and shape data, before sending it to a computer that processes it and uses hundreds of tiny electric motors to shift the wood blocks into the image in front of the device. Subtle gradations of shade are achieved by both the […]

  • Apple’s TV Rentals May Offer Month’s Worth Of Shows For $1

    Leander Kahney: Instead of renting individual TV shows for $1, customers will pay $1 a month for ALL EPISODES of a show that aired during that month. In other words, fans of CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” can rent all the episodes broadcast during the month, for $1 a month. Now that would kill cable TV. […]

  • Save Icon Re-Designed

    Helveticons redesigns the save icon, interesting idea but I am not sure if it speaks ‘save’ to me. [via Tom Kenny on Twitter]

  • Send ‘Canned’ Text Messages on iPhones

    Lovely new iPhone app that allows you to write text messages before hand, and choose if you always will send it to the same person or not. Either way you can send the message very fast, great tool and it’s only $0.99. [via Shawn Blanc]