Month: May 2012



  • The B&B Podcast #63: Blanc and Beard

    Pat Dryburgh filled in for me this week and talked about iPhone and Apple TV rumors with Shawn.

  • Change Your Desktop Background Based on Time of Day, or Application Open, Using Keyboard Maestro

    Tapping the link is just going to download the zipped file for my Keyboard Maestro macro, so let me explain what you are getting. First, credit where credit is due, a big thanks to [Greg Pierce for getting me a working AppleScript for this]( (I was using an Automator action before, which was pretty slow). […]

  • ‘The Politics of WiFi Names’

    What a great way to look at the popularity of politics: your WiFi SSID. ((Fun fact: my WiFi is still “Comcast is Probably Down”. Which I find to be comical when a Comcast rep shows up to work on my Internet service.))

  • It’s the Little Things

    I assume that I had a similar experience as most college kids in the U.S. — that experience goes something like this: – I don’t have much money. – I need/want XYZ – I am going to settle on ABC because I don’t want to try and (or can’t) shell out the money for XYZ […]

  • Google to Use Paid Inclusion Model

    Danny Sullivan: >Eight years ago, Google viewed paid inclusion in general as some type of evil the company should avoid and in particular something that could cause shopping search to have poor relevancy or be biased. >What happened to cause such a change? Oh, me, me, me! Google changed the definition of paid inclusion. Clever. […]

  • Dark Sky Version 1.3

    New update for Dark Sky is out and it adds 24-hour forecasts. I was worried they might be cluttering up the UI too much, but it was done very well. A nice slide up or to the side depending on your device and you get the 24-hour forecast nicely broken down. A really nice addition […]

  • ‘Tim Cook at D10: In His Own Words’

    Tim Cook on Apple: >It’s my oxygen. Nice reporting by Macworld.

  • Coda 2 Themes

    Neat site with a lot of Coda 2 themes. I particularly like that the site’s design switches to the coloring of the selected theme so that you can preview it. Also, [here is a link to another site]( with Coda 2 themes — this one has the excellent Solarized themes.

  • ‘Best Standing Desks’

    Mark Lukach takes a look at standing desks for *The Wirecutter* and points out the [Kangaroo Pro Junior]( I had never heard of this desk that modifies any desk and converts it to a stand/sit desk. I think I am going to order one, but would like to hear from you guys if you have […]

  • Amazon Item of the Week: Nerf N-Strike Maverick

    This isn’t the best Nerf gun in the world, but I just use it to shoot at my cat when he starts scratching the furniture. It’s an effective deterrent (though it only has an effective range of about 15 feet) and shoots accurately. Oh, and it’s less than $9 with Prime shipping. If you own […]

  • It’s Like Instapaper, but for Ads… People Will Love It

    Ki Mae Heussner for GigaOm on the AdKeeper site that allows web readers to save an ad for later (yeah, I know): >But they’re finding that consumer behavior isn’t changing as fast as they’d hoped. Well, color me surprised. >[…]they’ve decided to spread some of the $40 million they’ve raised on other ways of connecting […]

  • ‘Apple’s Crystal Prison’

    Micah Lee and Peter Eckersley writing for on the ‘crystal prison’ that is a locked os (like iOS) and the excuses given by companies that do this: >When technology and phone companies defend the restrictions that they are imposing on their customers, the most frequent defense they offer is that it’s actually in their […]

  • Revamping iOS Multi-Tasking

    Over at [iMore, Rene Ritchie has a post]( about the how and why of Apple revamping the way multi-tasking works in iOS 6. He has a lot of examples and some great thoughts. There is one major problem though: multi-tasking in iOS doesn’t need to be revamped. Apple *needed* to add multi-tasking, but they never […]

  • Quote of the Day: Brent Simmons

    “Faith that the data will be valuable is the opium of the executive class.” — Brent Simmons

  • ‘Sweep the Sleaze’

    Oliver Reichenstein: >Promising to make you look wired and magically promote your content in social networks, the Like, Retweet, and +1 buttons occupy a good spot on pretty much every page of the World Wide Web. Because of this, almost every major site and world brand is providing free advertising for Twitter and Facebook. But […]

  • ‘Facebook Advertising Is Fool’s Gold’

    Marcelo Somers: >Facebook advertising doesn’t work because they focus on showing you ads based on who you are, not what problem you are trying to solve. Great post about advertising in general. What people are learning is that “targeting” and “click-throughs” aren’t nearly as important as “buying”. That’s why Google rakes in the dough: they […]

  • Survival Knives

    From left to right: Bear Grylls, Field Pup, Fixation Bowie, ESEE-4, NW Ranger. Note: This is an outdated post, I am leaving intact. My current picks for survival knives are Bradford Guardian knives. I’ve long had a passion for a good knife, and as I have discussed already — I carry a pocket knife everyday. […]

  • CheatSheet

    I don’t think this is an app that will be killer for me, or even one that I use everyday. That said it is a pretty clever app that is certain to help me out when I am getting the hang of using new apps. I also love that you activate it by simply holding […]

  • Quick Photostream Access on Your Mac

    This is a fantastic tip for people that don’t care to open Aperture or iPhoto every time they want to grab a picture from Photostream. Love it.

  • [Sponsor] Sudoku Touch

    Shiny Things is pleased to announce [Sudoku Touch]( which features an innovative and simple interface, retina graphics and 5 difficulty levels. Sudoku Touch is powered by advanced handwriting recognition to enable users to intimately connect with their puzzle on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is available today on the App Store for a […]