Year: 2014



  • Unexamined Privilege

    Jeffrey Zeldman: If we keep throwing only young, mostly white, mostly upper middle class people at the engine that makes our digital world go, we’ll keep getting camera and reminder and hookup apps—things that make an already privileged life even smoother—and we’ll keep producing features that sound like a good idea to everyone in the…

  • Cadillac Allantes

    Matt Mullenweg: In a region that prides itself on disruption and working from first principles, San Francisco’s scaling problem is pretty humorous if you look at it from the outside: otherwise smart and inventive founders continue to set up offices and try to hire or move people in the most overheated environment since there were…

  • Monochrome Moon

    I’ve been playing around with my X100T lately, and snapped this from my backyard the other night. After a quick spin through Flare, it looked pretty good for a wallpaper. Here’s the image (the full resolution version doesn’t have the compression banding/artifacts): Go ahead and download this high resolution version and take it for a…

  • The Helgray

    I don’t know why I bought this watch, but it turns out to be pretty nice.

  • Notes on Parenthood: Ben and Erin Brooks

    Tom Bihn interviewed my wife and me about parenthood and all the craziness that surrounds it.

  • Thirty Two

    Thirty two doesn’t sound as old as thirty one. And other odd things.

  • The Best Sites of 2014

    No, really, it’s what the title says.

  • I Will Not Post This

    Dave Pell: But it doesn’t matter who you are. Something as seemingly minor as an errant or offensive tweet can ruin you. And once it ruins you, it keeps ruining you. The Internet is like a high school cafeteria. Except this cafeteria has billions of students. Meme Girls are the new Mean Girls.

  • Squares

    I had the chance to try this app out before it was released and I have to say it is pretty fun. It’s not one of those apps where it is exciting fun, but challenging fun is far more accurate. I got lost in it a few times.

  • Is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?

    Interesting article exploring the cognitive benefits of writing by hand. I've actually been experimenting with hand notes again in a quasi-sketchnote fashion. I can't say if it's any better, but it's much less distracting for those on the other end of a video call when they don't hear my keyboard.

  • Frosty Morning

    John Carey was kind enough to let me have a guest desktop over on his site. That’s one thing off my bucket list right there — very honored.

  • Web Analytics

    Many responses I have received about my recent post over app analytics has been surrounding the use of web analytics on this site. Simply put: I’ve never liked them, but have found them necessary. I do find them different than app analytics. As you come here to consume what I have written, not to pen…

  • A Simple Guide to Buying Shit for People You Hate Buying For

    We all have those people in our lives which seem impossible to buy for. I have a great many of them, so here’s some go to items (here’s hoping they don’t read this, ha) I am using this year. Tech Person The Photive 6-port USB Charger: I love mine. I personally go with the 6-port…

  • 8 Reasons to Love the New Workflow App for iOS

    Such a fantastic app.

  • For Sale: X-E2 and Lenses

    Selling my X-E2, and Fuji 35mm f/1.4, and 27mm f/2.8 lenses. It’s all up for grabs, let me know if you are interested. Here are the details: Fujifilm X-E2 (silver): It’s near perfect. There is a light scratch at the top of the camera on the left hand side, and some wear on the silver…

  • PODCAST: Weekly Briefly for Holiday Photography

    If you’ve missed me on a podcast, I joined Shawn Blanc on his to talk cameras and photography. How to shoot the holidays, and what to buy.

  • PDF Office

    Interesting new app from Readdle called PDF Office. This sits alongside PDF Expert 5. I haven’t had much time with the app, but two things that are very interesting to me: This is a subscription based app, $4/mo or $39/yr. (PDF Expert users get a year free if you get the app, well, now.) Creating…

  • Holiday Wallpaper

    A little holiday wallpaper for you. Download full sized image here.

  • How To Be Nice

    Marc Hemeon: Polite gestures are easy to do and make a real difference in the happiness of others. Nice list, mostly just be aware of what’s going on. Let people in when they try to jam way ahead on merges, just realize that you really don’t care. I love letting people cut in lines if…

  • How to Make a Hit App

    Smart video from Dave Wiskus on what your idea is worth.