Month: July 2015



  • Goodbye, Android

    Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai: As security expert Cem Paya put it, that was a conscious decision Google made when it created Android. Paya called it a Faustian deal: “cede control over Android, get market-share against iPhone.” Basically, Google was happy to let carriers put their bloatware on their Android phones in exchange to having a chance to…

  • Marco Arment and Context

    Jonathan Poritsky: I understand Marco’s dilemma. He’s opinionated and loves blogging. But he sometimes acts oblivious to his standing in the tech community. His success has bred him an audience; his words hold more weight because of his status. I have trouble believing he didn’t know there would be an “Influential iOS developer Marco Arment…

  • The Security Flaw Google Built Into Android

    Tom Simonite: The text message vulnerability revealed today can’t be fully fixed by upgrading apps. And it’s not unlikely that most vulnerable phones will never get the security patches for Android that Google has developed and will offer up to manufacturers and cellular operators. Joshua Drake, the researcher who discovered the text message flaw, guesses…

  • The GORUCK 10L Bullet Ruck

    Finally a good and small bag to carry with me.

  • Things will not change

    Tobias Tom: Also, of course everybody seems to know better than Apple. Once their proposed change to the store, the operating system or the platform were to be implemented everybody would be happy. Everyone will get rich. Nobody seems to see that they seem to do something right, at least. Otherwise, why would everyone want…

  • Short Term Memory with Due

    My high priority reminder system.

  • Luma Legacy

    Karol Muñoz: Just as always, we value tangible objects more than files in a computer. There is a disconnect between our most precious objects and the images, songs, videos and stories that make those objects so special. Our favorite story from the research came from a woman who had lost her father a year before.…

  • Day One as Running Diary

    What a neat use case.

  • The Verge’s Mobile Web Sucks

    Joe Steel: This is not Apple’s fault. This is literally The Verge’s domain.

  • Keyboard Maestro 7.0

    So. much. new. stuff. I can’t wait to dive deep.

  • A Simple Toiletry Trick — Updated

    Updated with a great tip from a reader — for the less frequent travelers out there.

  • Apple Retina Laptop Shootout

    Bare Feats on why they didn’t test the MacBook Air lineup: As I indicated in the first paragraph of this article, the newest MacBook Air lacks a Retina screen. That makes it almost obsolete in an Apple product line that includes not only three models of Retina laptops but also a Retina iMac, a Retina…

  • Let It Be

    I am so sorry for that title — so very sorry to all those parents out there.

  • Never trust a computer you can’t lift

    There are very few, a select few, people that put up with me. One of them is Stephen Hackett — and truthfully he is a great guy. He’s decided to go full time with his site and Relay FM. He’s started a T-Shirt drive because THAT IS WHAT YOU DO. Anyways, go buy a bunch…

  • Coda for iOS

    I’ve had the pleasure of testing this app for sometime now, and it really is stellar. One of the best iPad apps, and now it is on the iPhone. Coda on iOS is how I update the status page for this site.

  • Importance of Sleep

    This three part series on sleep has been making the rounds and just last night I read through all three. Wow, really interesting stuff and something I think everyone should read. Needless to say I went to bed a bit earlier last night.

  • Ulysses 2.1 for Mac and iPad

    Great update that brings backups to Ulysses. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s yet another solid update to the best writing app money can buy.

  • A Simple Toiletry Trick

    Don’t forget your toiletries again.

  • Push-Triggered Sync in OmniFocus

    Yet another reason why OmniFocus is amazing, this new push based sync system works with custom WebDAV syncing too. Full security and full convenience.

  • Quote of the Day: Shawn Blanc

    “If you’re also slowing down this summer to think about what’s in store for the next season of life, instead of trying to figure out how you’re going to do it all, maybe try to do one thing really well.” — Shawn Blanc