Month: August 2016



  • Is Calendar Based Productivity a Fad?

    Some really good thoughts from Chris.

  • New Bullet Ruck

    Nice comparison between the two models (version 1 and 2). The changes honestly make the bag less desirable for me, so I’m glad I still have the first version.


    We have a new king of undershirts, kind of.

  • Vesper to Ulysses

    Clever tool for importing, but too bad it requires a Mac.

  • Vesper No More

    John Gruber on the shut down of Vesper: It’s also entirely possible that a notes app was never going to work, financially. That it was a bad idea from the get-go, and no matter how nicely designed the app was, no matter how lovingly well-crafted, no matter what price point we had picked (higher or […]

  • Why do pull quotes exist on the web?

    Jeremey Keith: I’m genuinely curious to hear the design justification for pull quotes on the web (particularly on mobile), because as a reader, I can give plenty of reasons for their removal. I mentioned this on Twitter, but pull quotes don’t serve readers, they serve skimmers. What I mean by this is that it is […]

  • What Exactly Fits in a GORUCK GR1

    Holy crap.

  • Failing

    The advice Silicon Valley loves.

  • Ultimate Merino T-Shirt List

    Great resource. Remember, when thinking about price: you really only need one to two.

  • Canvas #17: 2Do with Ben Brooks

    I had a lot of fun filling in for Federico. A huge thanks to Federico and Fraser for having me as a guest. We dive into 2Do but also talk about my iPad only journey.

  • Autonomous SmartDesk

    I cannot believe how cheap and how good this desk is.

  • To-Do Lists Don’t Work

    This article encapsulates what is becoming a common refrain: no more todo lists, instead just plan every moment of your life on your calendar. It’s bullshit if you ask me. Time boxing — setting aside chunks of your day for a specific category of work — is one thing, and while it doesn’t work for […]

  • Unnecessary Adjustments

    I love his approach to improving as a photographer. I don’t know that I could stay that disciplined, but many of the same struggles are why I gave up on shooting RAW. Spending more time editing photos than taking them, that’s not why I love photography. Now I shoot with a film simulation preselected and […]

  • Castro 2 is Now Available

    I listen to two podcasts and have always used the Apple app (blasphemy, I know), but Castro 2 has converted me. It’s such a well thought out app. Really worth it for everyone to check out just to see a fresh take on app design.

  • This Should Be A Lot Easier Than it is

    When every solution is just a good demo and not a good tool.

  • The writing class I’d like to teach

    Jason Fried: It would be a writing course. Every assignment would be delivered in five versions: A three page version, a one page version, a three paragraph version, a one paragraph version, and a one sentence version. I’d pay to take that writing class.

  • In 2007, Trump was forced to face his own falsehoods

    David Fahrenthold: That deposition — 170 transcribed pages — offers extraordinary insights into Trump’s relationship with the truth. Trump’s falsehoods were unstrategic — needless, highly specific, easy to disprove. When caught, Trump sometimes blamed others for the error or explained that the untrue thing really was true, in his mind, because he saw the situation […]

  • Microsoft Secure Boot key debacle causes security panic

    Microsoft has accidentally leaked the keys to the kingdom, permitting attackers to unlock devices protected by Secure Boot — and it may not be possible to fully resolve the leak. “Oops” seems like an understatement.

  • Frequent Password Changes is Bad Advice

    Not so much the fact you change your password, but that it leads people to pick less secure passwords because they have to remember so many changes. Fairly obvious, but nice this is coming about now. We are creatures of habit and patters, get yourself 1Password (despite their overly complex and overbearing new pricing models, […]

  • Fuck Yeah, Profanity

    Noah Berlatsky: If you’re teaching your kids profanity, you need to teach them that profanity isn’t something they’re supposed to use. Otherwise, how will they fucking learn to use it correctly? Every time my kids swear, I can barely contain my laughter. It’s fucking hilarious.