iPad Productivity Report — 02/05/17

When I posted that old iPads don’t work well, I received a slew of feedback with people telling me how many people they know using an iPad 3 era device. I truly feel sorry for these people, even when that device was launched it was underpowered. My oldest daughter still uses that, and it’s a pile shit — you stand no chance of convincing me otherwise.

Reliance on Third Parties

One of the most overlooked advantages of the macOS platform is the lessened reliance on third party software. That’s not to say you don’t need third party software on macOS, but that you can do a lot of stuff in something as basic as Terminal. A Mac, straight out of the box has a lot more ability than any iOS device straight out of the box. Where the playing field starts to level is when you add in third party apps on iOS (and macOS for that matter).

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by Ben Brooks
1 minute to read.


The iPad needs continued third party developer love, and it has a little perception problem.