This is a tragic and sickening post about the treatment Susan J. Fowler faced at Uber (along with the other women who work/ed there). I think this also warrants a reminder that this is far from the first allegation of a nefarious nature to surface about Uber. They have a track record of being sleazy.

Uber’s CEO did respond to these claims, saying:

I have just read Susan Fowler’s blog. What she describes is abhorrent and against everything Uber stands for and believes in. It’s the first time this has come to my attention so I have instructed Liane Hornsey our new Chief Human Resources Officer to conduct an urgent investigation into these allegations.

Well, bullshit, but let’s say it was the first time he heard this: you don’t task your Chief Human Resources Officer with investigating. you out right fire that person and everyone in senior positions within HR. I mean, that is, if you truly believe the behavior is “abhorrent”. If you don’t feel that way, you start a bullshit investigation and pass some quotes to the press.

So, Lyft then? Yeah…

Posted by Ben Brooks