iPad Productivity Report — 02/20/17

A lot to cover this week…

iPad Commercials

Apple released four 16 second long commercials promoting the iPad (easiest viewed here on iMore, fair warning that I didn’t read anything written on the iMore site, so no clue what they say). These commercials are the best step Apple has taken since the iPad Pro was introduced, to position the device for consumers. The fact they hit back directly about the absurdities people toss towards the device is only icing on the cake.

Well done, Apple, and about fucking time. But I think the “general” take is wrong on this. Here’s how John Gruber expresses this take in one of his bullets:

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Article Details

by Ben Brooks
1 minute to read.


This week I cover the new iPad commercials, video conference solutions, and give a sneak peek at some video content I am working on.