iPad Productivity Report — 3/13/17

It’s hard to escape the upcoming rumors about the possible new iPad Pros coming — but even harder to escape the nonsensical wishes of people better suited to using Macs instead.

Clamshell iPad Pros, Kickstands, Surface Pros, and Shit Like That

When I decided to go iPad Pro only back in November of 2015, I took a few beats to try the biggest iPad Pro competitor: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. If the iPad is a “big iPhone” then the Surface is a laptop with tablet-like features. Both are compromised products, but in massively different ways. One struggling to find its place on desktops, and the other struggling to find its place on couches.

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Article Details

by Ben Brooks
1 minute to read.


I really can’t let this topic of laptop style iPads go, also I am going to talk about that rumored iPad Pro.