Brett Terpstra on the change with iTunes App affiliate links:

> I use affiliate links on everything. I’ve built many tools, including SearchLink to make this easy, and it generates a small portion of my monthly income. Not a lot, but it’s enough to notice. On an average month, I’ll make about $200. With this cut, that same amount of traffic will bring me about $75 dollars. A popular post written for MacStories can earn me $200 in affiliate sales on its own. Again, that’s now $75. And the average post, even with MacStories traffic, earns $20 to $30… which is now $10 or less. It’s a drastic cut to mention in passing just one week before it takes effect.

I mentioned this on Twitter, but I make about $70 a month off what small affiliate linking I do for apps. At this point, with this change, it no longer is worth any effort on my part to be annoyed with making those affiliate links for iTunes. Luckily, I have a [business model which is stable]( But this really sucks for a lot of great sites and writers. $200 on a guest post is nothing to bat an eye at — it’s more than most get paid directly for such articles.

Posted by Ben Brooks