Om Malik on downsizing his device:

Over past few months, I have been experiencing increasing pain in my left wrist and thumb. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. I thought it was a broken bone or something like that. I mean it was painful and it forced me to visit my doctor According to my doctor is because of overusing my left thumb on the phone.

I love the argument he makes for buying a phone which fits your hands. I know exactly the pain he speaks of, because I had that with my iPhone 3GS. Those smaller phones always forced me to use just one hand, and my thumb felt like it was broke more than a few times.

Since switching to the larger plus model iPhones, I tend to use both hands on the device far more often — and I think that has alleviated this pain. I’ve only felt it once or twice in the past few years.

I do wonder what the long term solution here is.

Posted by Ben Brooks