Current Bag Rotation

This post is seriously about how I use 5 bags.

I now have an entire family of GORUCK bags living in my closet, next to other bags. However only 5 bags are in active rotation, so here’s how I use my current bag rotation:

  • Filson Original Briefcase: whenever I don’t need to take clothes. Basically my coffee shop and meeting bag. It’s such a great bag. Only problem is when I want to travel with one bag, it doesn’t fit in any of my bags well. Such a conundrum for me.
  • GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L: whenever I know I will be walking over 10 miles, and needing my iPad, I generally prefer this to the Filson. Or for any day hikes or similar outings with the kids. It mostly stays stocked with stuff for just such outings.
  • GORUCK GR1 26L: overnight or two night trips, or any time I might need a change of clothes. Any longer day hikes. (Depends on what I pack, I like to leave 20% of the space free in the bag, so that determines whether I take the GR1.)
  • GORUCK GR2 34L: 3 days or more, without kids. Or when the GR1 is maxed out.
  • GORUCK GR2 40L: When I travel with the kids. The rest of the time this is my bug out bag.

Here’s a family picture, they are so happy.

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