Francisco Mejia Uribe:

However, reality has caught up with Clifford. His once seemingly exaggerated claim that ‘it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence’ is no longer hyperbole but a technical reality.

Erin and I were talking the other night, where she made the comment about how she wondered if later generations would look back at this period of time and laugh, wondering what the fuck we were all thinking. My take is that they would look back seeing the pattern we can’t see ourselves. That we had given ourselves the immense power of instant global communication and instant information at our fingertips, all without the forethought of some way of knowing what is actually truth and what is a lie.

But where does that burden lay, perhaps it is on all of us. Perhaps not. What’s clear is that what we have now is not working.

Posted by Ben Brooks