Lots of headlines I could have used for this piece written by Dave Smith (don’t bother reading it in full):

I insist the iPad Pro is not a real work computer because even trying to perform the most basic of tasks felt underwhelming and compelled me to use a laptop instead.

Many people I’ve heard from tell me iPads can’t publish to their CMS because those CMS’ are tragically bad. Smith is no exception there. (Though that photo rotation bug he mentions is real, and annoying.) The issue with Smith’s post is that he never gave the iPad Pro a real chance. You can’t switch to an entirely new computing paradigm and give up after trying to publish one thing. The items he is frustrated about really have more to do with his stubbornness for preferring the way his Mac works than anything else. You can even see it in the first post he wrote about his new iPad.

Ultimately this feels like a post written by someone planning on hating the iPad Pro and returning it no matter what to make a quick buck off of the article. It’s not at all representative, and the only good arguments against the iPad Pros are:

  • they cost way too much
  • if you already have an iPad Pro you don’t need a new one

Complaining that this device is not pro because you can’t publish to your CMS is not valid. Go ask a photographer how to use an iPad Pro like a Pro.

Posted by Ben Brooks