Craig Mod has an excellent essay about the pitfalls and hopes of the iPad. This sentence is spot on:

The problems begin when you need multiple contexts. For example, you can’t open two documents in the same program side-by-side, allowing you to reference one set of edits, while applying them to a new document.

I hear that. But what people miss (beyond how amazing the hardware truly is) is the hope this OS has, Mod again:

But it’s also kind of fun. When’s the last time we’ve been able to watch a company really figure out a new OS in public?

That’s the thing with the iPad. The iPhone is figured out, so is the Mac. The iPad isn’t and if you want to know the most realistic take on using an iPad (like a normal person no less) full time and also dealing with the annoyances and seeing the hope, then Mod’s essay is a must read.

Posted by Ben Brooks