Member Journal — 10/7/19

This week: a look at what is better about Apple Maps, and where it still falls down; Texas’ Postmates; small screen computing; Microsoft’s Duo; and sleep science.

Apple Maps Updates

Apple’s mapping software was been in the spotlight the last week, with updates to the NE section of the US following a series of updates to various other coastal areas of the US. Which brings us to two articles, the first:

Apple Maps is better than Google Maps? In this post Jason Aten argues that Apple is on the path to take down Google Maps. Aten concludes by saying Apple Maps is now a ‘worthy contender’ and in a lot of ways he is right. Which brings us to the next post:

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Article Details

by Ben Brooks
1 minute to read.


Let’s talk about Apple Maps and why with ‘one weird trick’ they could actually compete against Google Maps.