Lochby Tool Roll and Pocket Notebook

Some great products, updated with even better materials.

At the end of 2019, Bond Travel Gear rebranded to Lochby. I had previously tried a bunch of their gear, and was interested to see where they went with the rebrand. Ostensibly the rebrand was a nod to two things: that the focus was moving from travel to everyday carry items, and the materials to more heritage away from full out Cordura.

I am a big fan of the new look of the gear, and asked them to send over the new stuff for me to check out, they did. Today I want to look at two items I have previously reviewed: the Tool Roll and the Pocket Journal.

Updated Fabrics

The biggest change to the gear is that the exterior is now a waxed canvas instead of 1000D Nylon. And it is waxed canvas in a really great color, so what is not to love. The interior remains largely unchanged, it is still bright and well made.

Overall the gear has a completely different look and feel, because of the simple change to the exterior fabrics. Top notch on this, and none of the canvas feels overly waxy.

Really Useful Stuff

The Pocket Journal, previously the Travel Wallet (my review) is a great size for passports, or Field Notes. I use mine to keep a notebook, some tools, and a charging cord at the ready. When I travel I stored four passports, and extra credit cards and tools in it. Fantastic little piece of kit. It has made its way into my man bag as a quick access pouch for items. Most of my initial review still stands, and I am not sure I would use this if I didn’t have a dedicated grab bag for spending a day out and about with the kids. It’s one of those items where you either know you could use it, or don’t need it. (I know Lochby’s focus is on EDC now, but it is a hell of a deal for a passport wallet. Have you looked at prices of those? Crazy.)

The Tool Roll is the same as always (my original review), with better materials — which is awesome because it is a great piece of kit. If you have the right items to put in it, it is excellent. What I love is to use it for my gear when I know I will be with my kids, because even when I unroll it and lay it out, my kids can bump into me without my things going flying. Also , everything in its place and a place for everything is handier with kids, than something that would be marginally more compact but less organized.

All in all, these are easy wins and it is astounding to me how low the prices are for this stuff. I would have easily paid double.

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