GORUCK dropped new Made in the USA GR2s today (including the coveted 26L size which sold out in like 15min or something crazy). There are two big changes:

  1. These are made out of 500D instead of 1000D. The practical difference here is that they will feel much better on day one, and will thus be nicer to your clothing.
  2. 1050D ballastic on the bottom of the bag, which I have on my original GR1 and can tell you that after almost a decade it still looks new. I think the benefit of this is that it will wipe clean better when you set it in something not good.

Overall, these are excellent changes. I just wrote about the GR2 34L and it is still my pick of all three sizes. The 40L is massive and you don’t gain a ton of extra space. Go snag one if you want it, it’s a nice set of changes.

Posted by Ben Brooks