State of Flashlight Collection, Summer 2023

A look into my current flashlight collection, and well, there’s many.

For the third installment of ‘State of XYZ Collection’, let’s dive into flashlights. This collection has been in a huge state of change over 2023, so I am constraining it to lights I carry in my pocket only. The big changes are centered around what I want out of a light, and trying for easier to carry lights. Here we go:

  • The Amazing Convoy S2 (2x): I’m a huge fan of this light. It’s a simple mod to the standard S2, placing a forward clicky switch into the tail (stock is reverse clicky). That single change means this light comes on lightning fast and feels absurdly powerful to have. I mostly do not carry these, but when I need to toss something in my pocket/bag to light up an area very brightly — this is my go to.
  • Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2: I was carrying this light a ton, and then I stopped. The twist head for activation kills this for me a good bit. I really like everything else about it, and there’s nothing like how this one disappears in your pocket. Still, I suspect this is on borrowed time.
  • Malkoff MDC Bodyguard: I use this light almost every morning, as it is my rucking light. It’s a simple design with a single mode. So I know it’ll always come on, and always come on very bright. It’s rock solid, and is a better light than any SureFire I’ve used. Mine is a custom run, with a Nichia 519a in, and if you find a group order for a custom Malkoff with a 519a, you should go for it. They are stellar lights. The Convoy S2 is brighter, but doesn’t carry as well — it’s heavier and has a shit clip system on it, come on Simon.
  • Emisar D2: this is such a quirky little light that I don’t know what to say about it. Do I love it? No, not really. Do I dislike it? No, not really. I do use it, not much, but typically at night to leave by my bed. It has a nice aux mode setup, and the emitter choice I have are very warm which is killer at night. Weird little thing though, I don’t really carry it outside the home. I don’t know what to say.
  • Rovyvon E5 Angel Eyes: I was using this light an absurd amount, and traveling with it, and then I stopped. Mostly because I decided to stop traveling with so many lights. But I still do like this, I just don’t use it much. The UI is a little clunky, and it requires a tough too much thought for me these days.
  • HDS Rotary EDC (many more than one): has been the carry champ for a while now, but after the next three lights came into the picture, it found itself handily in third place for daily carry. I still think the UI is among the best, but there’s no getting around the weight and bulk of carrying this light. But, when the weather is looking shady, or I need to know I won’t screw up and blind people, this is the light I trust. I keep one in each of my office bags, and I carry another almost every night so I can check on the kids, or sneak through my bedroom without waking my wife. If they made a lighter-weight version of this, I would carry it more I think.
  • Laulima Hoku Clicky Aluminum: this light is a game changer. It is the reason I don’t carry the Beta or Preon any longer. It’s tiny, it’s featherweight, and it’s bright as all hell. I don’t love 10440 batteries because they lack capacity, but I don’t even care as this light is so good it makes up for it. This light is a toss up to be my most carried for the remainder of the year. It disappears in my pocket. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s damned near perfect. The machining is perfect though, but the reverse clicky switch is short-sighted at best.
  • Laulima Ion Slim Tumbled Aluminum: this is effectively a perfect light. Featherweight, slim and easy to carry, but feels amazing in hand. With the Dual Driver from Convoy, it takes two different battery types so you never need to worry. Goodness I love this light. It is currently my most carried as it arrived just before the Hoku Clicky. It’s also the only light I travel with anymore. A true gem.
  • Laulima Malihini Slim Titanium: this light is what started my Laulima journey and it is tremendously good. What holds it back from being my preferred carry is that the titanium weighs a bit more, and thus it doesn’t feel as good in the pocket. I love handling this light though, and it is fantastically good. The finishing of this light is next level.
  • FourSevens Preon P1: this is a killer light, but with the Hoku Clicky existing, this feels more like a budget light than a premium light these days. It’s overdue for a refresh and it feels dated. Thus I don’t carry it, and should probably sell it.
  • The Amazing Convoy T3: Same deal as the first ‘Amazing Convoy’ — standard Convoy with the tailswitch swapped out for a proper forward clicky. It’s a really cool light, but the body/machining really does nothing for me. I use it as a backup, or loan it out to my kids when they ask for something. Good light, underwhelming in every way except the function of lighting things up.

I have exactly ‘a lot’ of flashlights. Too many, probably, until I need them all. Anyways, the clear change this year is the move from HDS as my primary carry, to Laulima as my primary carry. It’s hard to really describe how good a Laulima is, but once you put your hands on one, you get it. I have too many lights, but I love having too many lights. This is the way.

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