Month: March 2011



  • Lenovo Joins Tablet War With LePad

    Kathrin Hille for the Financial Times, reporting on the new Lenovo ‘LePad’ tablet: Lenovo’s focus on China, which will make it a late-comer in other markets, is expected to be the group’s biggest strength. “When it comes to tablets, what matters is software, not hardware,” said Mr Yang. “Lenovo’s strength is that they have a…

  • The powerful, mystical Spotlight. On steroids.

    Some great tips on how to make Spotlight a little more useful. I love tools like Launchbar, but sometimes you just need to search system files and see lists — that’s when I start with Spotlight.

  • The Secret to Comfortable Typing on Your iPad

    So very true.

  • The Cosmonaut

    I have huge respect for the guys behind the Glif, but I don’t think this new dry-erase marker style iPad stylus will be useful. The simple fact is that iOS is not and has never been designed for use with a stylus. To make such a tool work you need the right software and there…

  • Adding Other People’s TextExpander Snippets

    Brett Terpstra is the man when it comes to TextExpander — he is certainly at guru level bordering on achieving Buddha zen with the tool. He has shared a bunch of his snippets for us to add to our TextExpander libraries. Here is how you add them. And don’t forget you can add the pre-defined…

  • Cultured Code & OTA Syncing

    Jürgen for Cultured Code on the state of OTA syncing in the still popular Things app: I’m sure the question on the mind of many readers is: when will I be able to play with Things cloud sync first-hand? As it happens, the integration of cloud sync with the Mac version is a little further…

  • How to set post slugs from within WordPress’ iOS apps

    This trick is nothing short of amazing for iPad WordPress bloggers. Previously I had been creating the post and saving it as a draft, then going to the backend in Safari and editing the slug — obviously this is far better.

  • Shawn Blanc on “The Value of Twitter”

    Shawn Blanc in response to my “Twi$$er” ((The title of which has really been messing with Twitter itself and how it tries to pickup stupid things when you use a “$”. It has been quite funny to see how Twitter is screwing with this title.)) article, has this to say about Twitter in a footnote…

  • Quick Takes on Five (Perhaps, Three) Apps #6

    Thanks for all the great suggestions last week, I will be checking a lot of them out. There also were some great ideas for me to do follow-up on some of these apps and I will try to do that every once and a while. Everyday (iPhone) Everyday is a photo app, but one where…


    From the FAQ of this website that will be your fake reference for your fake company or residence: Is misinformation on a resume illegal? No, Since a resume is not a legal document, it is not illegal to misrepresent on a resume. Actually, it’s called Fraud. Which, according to, is: deceit, trickery, sharp practice,…

  • “Open”

    MG Siegler on Google’s use of the term “open” when referring to Android: And in that context, being “more” open is like being “kind of ” pregnant.

  • Dear Twitter

    David Humphrey on why Twitter should charge it’s users: Watching you flail and fail with business models is depressing, when the one obvious one is being completely rejected.  I’m an adult. I have a job; and I use Twitter for my job.  I’d pay for this because it’s a useful part of my online experience.…

  • The B&B Podcast Episode 5

    Shawn and I spend the entire episode talking about some of the cool apps that we use on our Macs for getting all of our stuff done. Things like TextExpander, Droplr, Shortwave and others. This episode is sponsored by the very awesome Instacast.

  • The Audacity of Getting Paid

    Christopher Bowns: First, making money is easy: you must have the sheer audacity to charge for a product. turned profitable in week one. Minecraft’s early sales helped bootstrap its development, and the developer has staffed up and found office space in the past six months to work on new features and new games. You…

  • Amazon’s Android Appstore

    MG Siegler: If you touch the screen in the wrong place — whoops — you just bought an app. Of course, this is assuming you have one-click purchasing turned on. Sounds like a swell experience.

  • Why Jumpcut Is Better Than LaunchBar

    Dr. Drang makes the case for using Jumpcut over LaunchBar when it comes to clipboard history. Looks interesting, but slower than LaunchBar, even with the implied advantages that the Doctor points out. What are you guys using for clipboard histories?

  • Miniot iPad 2 Cover

    This cover blows my mind, there isn’t much on the site for it, but check out the video TUAW has.

  • Quote of the Day: James Shelley

    “It gives me pause: what would my life look like if the whole world judged me only by the worst choice I ever made?” — James Shelley

  • Allow Yourself a Sick Day

    Elliot Jay Stocks speaking to all freelancers and self-employed people: So I think that we should all take more time off, and when we’re feeling rough, we should accept that nothing good is going to come of it, and just let ourselves be sick; because being ill is inevitable. Since graduating from college in 2005…

  • Markdown OS X Services

    Watts Martin has some great tips for creating Markdown services in OS X. Personally I use FastScripts to do a lot of this same stuff, but Automator is free and already on your Mac.