Month: December 2011



  • ‘Shutting Down My Porno Site’

    Pat Dryburgh on shutting down his Simple Desks website: >Just pointless, casual, look-at-this-empty-fucking-desk-you’ll-never-have porn. This kind of awareness is rare. Good for Pat for making the decision that’s never easy.

  • Last Idiotic Post of 2011?

    Ben Kunz is trying for that honor with two choice passages in his latest piece of … article: >Jobs’s quote is good advice for his successor as chief executive officer, Tim Cook, who needs a hit. *Clearly* Cook needs a hit to turn around the flailing Apple since Jobs’ passing. *Clearly*. It’s not like Apple […]

  • The B&B Podcast – Episode 40: The Last Show of 2011

    My cats fight a little in this episode, so that’s an added bonus for everyone. We talk about the past year and the coming year as well as site redesigns and using iPads with keyboards.

  • Tweet of the Day: @Harrymccracken

    “When Verizon says it won’t charge $2 for online payments, it’s saying it’ll get $2 out of you in some less obvious manner. Some victory.” — Harry McCracken (@harrymccracken) December 30, 2011

  • Verizon Says It’s Scrapping $2 Online-Payment Fee

    CNN: >Verizon Wireless said it will scrap proposed $2 fee for one-time payments, citing “customer feedback.” Just what did they think the “customer feedback” would be? Joy?

  • Automate Your Dropbox

    It’s like ifttt for Dropbox. There’s actually some pretty neat things that it can do too.

  • bitpocket

    Roll your own Dropbox using the extra storage on any server you have SSH access to.

  • Insync, Dropbox Like Syncing, Not the Band

    Jon Russell: >Shortly after loading, it will request access to your Google account, from which it creates a new ‘Dropbox’ folder which contains physical copies of all the files on your Google Docs account. The rest is easier, as Insync updates your Google Docs account with any changes you make to the files on your […]

  • ‘It’s Time to Give GoDaddy a Break’

    [Meet Todd Wasserman](, an idiot. ((Via [Stephen Hackett]( He starts off just dandy: >First, the obvious: Go Daddy runs horrible, sexist Super Bowl ads. Yep. >In addition, those who believe, as I do, that Go Daddy was on the wrong side of the SOPA issue, should also have no qualms if they cut their ties […]

  • Amazon Item of the Week: SOG Twitch II Knife

    My little sister and her boyfriend gave me this knife for Christmas and I love it. It’s my new everday carry knife. It feels fantastic, is a bit bigger than my other carry, but very slim. It is heavier though, yet I don’t mind that. It also opens faster than any other knife I have […]

  • Missing the Point

    Peter Burrows penned a post basically urging Apple to start licensing patents to Android handset makers and thus begin to make more money. He says repeatedly that Apple won’t be able to stop Android devices from being sold and thus their attempts to do so are futile. I say Burrows is completely missing the point. […]

  • Verizon Wireless To Charge You To Conveniently Pay Your Bill

    Marguerite Reardon: >Verizon Wireless plans to charge subscribers a new $2 fee every time they pay their wireless bills online or directly over the phone. Can you hear me *now*?

  • ‘The Social Networks’

    Justin Williams on how he views his website/blog as a social network: >I consider this site to be the landing ground for everything that I consider most important. I publish the content I care most about here because I own every pixel of the experience. It is also a great launchpad to push fine readers […]

  • ‘The Infographic Plague Is Just Laziness’

    Well said, but I don’t get the thinking that you should grab an infographic and upload it to your site and post it on your site. That seems trashy to me when a link to the infographics original post is far more beneficial for the entire Internet. Then again I never undertsood the “more pageviews!!!!” […]

  • Japan Gets Wi-Fi Dispensing Vending Machines

    Serkan Toto for Aol on new Japanese beverage vending machines that come equipped with free WiFi: >After logging in, users will see various location-specific information on the home screen, for example on local stores, or sightseeing spots. Seem ridiculous to most I am sure, but there are *a lot* of vending machines in Japan — […]

  • ‘Family Apple’

    Hugh Sissling: >In 3 years, Apple has made and sold us 19 products, all of which throughout the family are considered some of the best purchases they have made. The incredible thing about this story: it doesn’t seem that uncommon anymore. This holiday weekend was pretty comical to me because every time someone got a […]

  • Smart Alec Review: Part II

    A weekend with the Smart Alec.

  • Quote of the Day: Matt Gemmell

    “A review is the forming of an opinion, and a write-up of your review is the expression of that opinion. That’s what reviewing means.” — Matt Gemmell

  • [Sponsor] OmniGraffle

    Creating in OmniGraffle: a five-step introduction attempt in less than 140 words. Desired outcome: a new mockup of WebsiteThing. 1. Start it up. Download OmniGraffle [here]( Choose “Blank” from the template window. 2. Frame it. Stencils→Software→Konigi Wireframes. Designing for an iPhone? Drag out the iPhone browser. Lock object in place with ⌘+L. 3. Build it. […]

  • ‘I Might Get a Wireless Keyboard’

    David Chartier shares a great “post-pc” story.