Month: August 2012



  • Reaching a Bit

    PJ on Groklaw: >Apple’s lawyers are still clueless that the public is for the most part repulsed by Apple’s IP aggression. Really? Where’s the data to back this load of shit up? Does the public even know the extent of Apple/Samsung/Motorola/Microsoft/Nokia/HTC’s legal battles? I doubt it. Even if they did, I doubt the public would […]

  • The Economist’s Patent Reformer Article

    In an unattributed article posted to the Economist website today, the article goes into patent reform and why the writer thinks it would be “good”, wrapping up with this in the second to last paragraph: >The existing criteria for a patent should be applied with greater vigour. Specialised courts for patent disputes should be established, […]

  • ‘How Two Amateur Sleuths Looked for FinSpy Software’

    Nicol Perlroth reporting on a software tool used by governments called ‘FinSpy’: >On Wednesday, the researchers announced one of their biggest discoveries yet. They discovered new mobile versions of the spyware that had been customized for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian and BlackBerry’s mobile operating systems. Basically the software is installed (I […]

  • ‘Who Inherits Your iTunes Library?’

    An interesting story from Quentin Fottrell at MarketWatch, where he discovers that you really can’t pass along all your digital books, movies, and music when you die. This seems pretty logical with iTunes, since the “ownership” is tied to *your* email address, but it also poses a lot of problems. For instance, in my home […]

  • This Week in TSA Bumbling

    TSA news is back, please hold your applause until the end. ### Body Scanning The TSA’s mother, DHS, has admitted now that their porno-scanners are only good for peep shows, and [have asked DARPA to step in and make more bad-ass scanners for them]( So TSA got all hot and bothered installing these scanners in […]

  • Quote of the Day: Jim Dalrymple

    “The mainstream press is jumping all over this pile of shit like it’s real news” — Jim Dalrymple

  • Sony VAIO Tap 20

    [Shawn and I talked about this on *The B&B Podcast* episode 74]( Basically this is a 20-inch multi-touch display that houses a “full” computer in the same way that an iMac would. The difference is that this is made to be moved off of a desk and used as a tablet, or whatever. You have […]

  • ‘Rexpedit’

    A clever hack to an Ikea shelving unit which turns it into a decent looking desk. I have two of these shelving units, but know that they make larger ones, so I am betting you could make a pretty sweet standing desk using this technique — if you have, let me know. Personally I was […]

  • Retina Display Support Coming to Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4 in ‘Coming Months’ [Updated]

  • IFTTT Adds Support

    What I love about IFTTT is that, as a service, they seem to get “it”. They advertise that premium accounts are on the way, which is great because it is a service that truly makes the web better. I don’t have many “recipes” but the ones that I do have would be very hard to […]

  • The B&B Podcast #74: The Worst, Worst, Worst Case Scenario

    >After a 2-week hiatus, Ben and Shawn are back to talk about touchscreen desktop computers, Twitter,, and Glassboard, and the kitchen sink.

  • Next-Generation iPhone to Use A6 System-on-a-Chip?

  • Quote of the Day: John Moltz

    “It’s nice to have choices, but it’s not nice to have confusion.” — John Moltz

  • A Ridiculous Survey

    Dan Nosowitz reporting the results of a survey about cloud computing: >54 percent of respondents claim to never use the cloud. 95 percent of those people actually are. All of the results seem pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I have two main take aways from this: 1. This is what happens when business speak […]

  • Quote of the Day: Dave Pell

    “Email has always been a great medium. It’s the content of most emails that’s problematic.” — Dave Pell

  • Pinch-to-Zoom and Rounded Rectangles: What the Jury Didn’t Say

  • Archiving the Digital Bits

    Jonathan Poritsky has a really interesting thought about Netflix, their original content, and the archival-less nature of streaming-only services: >But what happens when I fall out of love, or when they hike prices again? What happens when the company starts developing films and keeps them exclusive to streaming as well? And what if they fail […]

  • Twitter Doesn’t Want You

    Harry Marks in a beautifully written essay: >Twitter has devolved into just another place for commercials and we’re partly to blame Marks’ writing is fantastic on this post and he sneaks in so many little nuggets of truth that it’s hard not to nod your head along while reading it. He also makes a good […]

  • A More Honest Approach From Twitter

  • ‘Apple Store Customer Arrested for Shoplifting Says He Was Trying to Use EasyPay Self-Checkout’

    The headline says it all. The victim/alleged shoplifter says it was all a mistake and that he meant to buy the headphones. What’s amazing to me about this story is a few things: 1. He got a bag from an employee. 2. Even though he had a bag, he was stopped. (How/why?) 3. That this […]