Month: July 2014



  • Compassionate Tools

    Respecting your users goals is the best way to design software.

  • Think Critical on Begin

    Nate Barham on Begin: Begin sees its list (rightly) in a different way. There are things that need doing today, and you’ll be reminded of those at the start of your day (or your decided time). From there, it’s your responsibility to return to the app and check those items off as the day goes…

  • Why Reviewing by Numbers is a Bullshit Practice and Needs to Stop

    Don’t tell me it is 7/10, because that’s a bullshit number.

  • Quote of the Day: Marco Arment

    “The best thing Apple could do to increase the quality of apps is remove every top list from the App Store.” — Marco Arment

  • We Really Can’t Have Nice Things

    Don’t expect fantastic software if you also expect it to be free.

  • Quote of the Day: Jon Bell

    “We’re actually going to record “uses” of products now? Well, sure. Because it makes the number look bigger.” — Jon Bell

  • The New Typewriter

    MG Siegler: I’ve been thinking about this recently when wondering why I like to write on my iPad so much more than my computer. It’s not that the iPad is “better” for writing, it’s that it’s decidedly less distracting. Yes, you still have access to Twitter, Facebook, and the like. Read the entire post, I'm…

  • For the Love of Gear

    Why are we ok trashing some things, but not others?

  • On Hacking

    Almost everything I know, I learned by hacking away at things.

  • Quote of the Day: Oliver Reichenstein

    “Listening is the first step of deep thought.” — Oliver Reichenstein

  • Small Moments

    I’ve long struggled with developing the journaling habit, but I love this method from Jasdev Singh: I also set out with the goal of attaching an image to each day that passed. While this seems hard, I’ve found that screenshots are an easy way accomplish this. Small digital moments make great memories.

  • The Brooks Review Podcast: Episode Four – The Dark Room

    This week I am joined by CJ Chilvers to talk about the ideas behind ‘A Lesser Photographer’. We explore why gear and techniques don’t do anything to help with the ultimate goal of photography: telling stories. Thanks to my sponsors: Presentations Field Guide, and Antetype (be sure to click through to get the discount code…

  • Getting Over Procrastination

    Maria Konnikova: The researchers found that each trait was moderately heritable: about forty-six per cent of the tendency to procrastinate, and forty-nine per cent of the tendency toward impulsiveness, was attributable to genes. But the estimated genetic correlation between the two traits was one—that is, perfect—or at least as close to perfect as you can…

  • Quote of the Day: Craig Mod

    “Urinate with a hitherto unknown calm.” — Craig Mod

  • An Airbnb Guest Who Refuses to Leave

    Joshua Brustein: Cory Tschogl, the Airbnb host who rented out the condo, told Business Insider that she was surprised to learn that, legally, she has gone from being an Airbnb host to a normal old landlord. She says she hired a lawyer to try to get the reluctant guest to move along but was told…

  • FiftyThree SDK

    From the FiftyThree announcement: The FiftyThree SDK lets you take advantage of industry leading features such as palm rejection, advanced touch classification, and effortless Bluetooth pairing. They’ve thus far announced that Procreate, Noteshelf, and Squiggle are initial SDK partners and I am actually really pumped about this. The Paper app has always been good, but…

  • Delight is in the Details Version Two

    Most readers of this site probably know that Shawn Blanc is a good friend of mine, and so it’s natural that I am going to link to any new project that is done by a good friend. Of course this project is good — it’s Shawn Blanc after all — but this time around things…

  • Free with In-App Purchases

    New European Commission ruling: These include not using the word “free” at all when games contain in-app purchases, developing targeted guidelines for its app developers to prevent direct exhortation to children as defined under EU law and time-framed measures to help monitor apparent breaches of EU consumer laws. It has also adapted its default settings,…

  • Carlos Slim Calls for a Three-Day Working Week

    Jude Webber: Attending a business conference in Paraguay, Mr Slim said it was time for a “radical overhaul” of people’s working lives. Instead of being able to retire at 50 or 60, he says, we should work until we are older – but take more time off as we do so. He thinks we should…

  • Creating Distraction-Free Reading Experiences

    A must read for anyone who uses words and a means of communication. Fantastic post about creating a great reading experience for your readers. I learned some tips that I will apply here over the coming weeks.