Month: February 2015



  • The Status Page

    I created a status page for this site, and it’s revealing.

  • Fcc Votes for Net Neutrality, a Ban on Paid Fast Lanes

    Jon Brodkin: The Federal Communications Commission today voted to enforce net neutrality rules that prevent Internet providers—including cellular carriers—from blocking or throttling traffic or giving priority to Web services in exchange for payment. Boom.

  • The Dangers of Misinformation

    Marcus Zarra: The first thing we should do, as responsible people who have the willingness to share information is to ask ourselves, should this information be shared?

  • Why Standing Doesn’t Work

    Rishabh R. Dassani: If you take nothing else from this three-part series, I want you to sit less than you sleep (<7 hours), and use that as the sole metric for sitting less and living a healthier/less-sedentary lifestyle.

  • Relevance Engine

    I will plus one this.

  • Accessibility Showdown: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

    Great post from Steven Aquino, talking about the oft over looked importance of accessibility on devices. This time he tackles the iPhone 6 plus, and brings up some really good points about the physical size of the device.

  • Welcome to 1984

    Won't be long before devices are touted as having “no listening and seeing devices” in them.

  • Disintegrating Baddies

    Over at my “day job” we are creating one hell of a game. I know nothing about how these games are made, but Jeff LaMarche wrote a huge post showing you how to disintegrate bad guys. Amazing stuff to see the level of work that goes into just one thing like this. It's more of […]

  • The Paper Method

    I’ve joined the ultimate nerd group: notebook users.

  • The Canon AE-1 Program

    Álvaro Serrano: If you feel like feature creep is getting the better of you, the AE-1 Program is how you fight back. It was enjoyed by millions of people years ago, and it continues to be a landmark in photography for many film enthusiasts around the world.

  • Wishlists on The Newsprint

    I liked this post because I do something similar, though not all in OmniFocus. For me I keep all goals in OmniFocus, at different ‘elevations’ according to the GTD methods. But for material goods I store everything in Pinboard using tags like: to-buy gift-idea bag camera. That way I can quickly see everything and if […]

  • The iPhone 6 Versus the iPhone 6 Plus

    The iPhone 6 plus is truly a pocket computer — it’s amazing.

  • Lenovo Installs Adware on Customer Laptops and Compromises All SSL

    Marc Rogers: A pretty shocking thing came to light this evening – Lenovo is installing adware that uses a “man-in-the-middle” attack to break secure connections on affected laptops in order to access sensitive data and inject advertising. As if that wasn’t bad enough they installed a weak certificate into the system in a way that […]

  • Alto’s Adventure

    I’ve had the privilege of testing this game for a while now, and I really love it. The visuals are stunning and it is good fun. Dusk mode is nearly impossible, as I always have trouble seeing in dusk times — but man, good game. It’s on the App Store.

  • What We Want Next

    Marco Arment in summary of his post on declining blog traffic across the board: If we want it to get better, we need to start pushing back against the trend, modernizing blogs, and building what we want to come next. This makes no sense. ‘Modernizing blogs’ and ‘building what we want to come next’? I […]

  • Darkroom for iPhone

    A better way to edit photos on your iPhone.

  • The Analog Aspect

    Mike Bates: Since then I’ve realized that, at least for me, there’s something slightly magical about putting pen to paper. I’m able to get my thoughts out by hand so much more easily than if I’m typing them. Somehow pressing a key is so much less organic, creative, and romantic than writing out the letters […]

  • Newsletter Issue 1

    Since you can’t see the archived issues (for now) here’s the first one to give you a taste.

  • My Newsletter

    I created a newsletter on Revue, because Revue looked really cool to use. Also, here’s the thing, I read about a lot of stuff and try a lot of stuff, but don’t have the time, or enough words, to post about it here. So that’s what this newsletter is: the stuff I didn’t get to […]

  • Darkroom

    I’ve been beta testing this app for a while and it’s my favorite way to edit photos on my iPhone. Less filters than VSCO, but a much better workflow and much easier to use. Go download it.