Month: January 2016



  • On Your Cute Release Notes

    If I see another recipe for ‘bug soup’ I am actively going to boycott that app.

  • Michael Rockwell on Why iOS Works

     Michael Rockwell: All that cruft is gone.

  • Building a Newsletter With Ulysses

    The key is the share sheet and merging/splitting sheets.

  • Most Secure Messaging Apps For Texting

    Joshua Roberts on iMessage security: Not only that if Apple’s servers detect a slow or sporadic connection it sends all messages in plain text, meaning it doesn’t use encryption if you have a bad connection. This reads as more than just the send as an SMS option — and is contrary to my understanding of […]

  • Why iOS is Compelling

    Just give into the seduction of iOS.

  • iPhone Only

    Justin Blanton on an iPhone only future: In fact, the disparity is only going to get greater. Most of our entertainment and communication is sourced, if not experienced, via our phones, and it won’t be big computers that come back from the dead to change that (though it will be something). Side note: it’s so […]

  • Facebook-Loving Farmers of Myanmar

    A fascinating look at smartphone usage. Particularly the lengths they go through to save data.

  • Thoughts About Words

    Jaimee Newberry: It’s about the intention you set with “try” versus “do”. I believe, whether you intend it or not, “try” gives you a subconscious escape from the amount of effort you will exert in your attempt. “Try” implies it’s OK to not succeed. “Try” is passive. Even though DOING may still result in failure, […]

  • Moving to 2Do

    I found an app that doesn’t make me feel like I am filling in forms when I want to create a simple task.

  • Finding Our Way

    In a post from Chris Bowler responding to my posts about email newsletters, he captures a very interesting argument in favor of them. An argument I think is best summarized by emotion. He feels email newsletters are better and that’s basically that. His post is really worth a read if this topic is interesting to […]

  • Slicks Travel System

    The 1-2 night travel bag to rule all travel bags.

  • The Better iPad Pro Apps

    Some of the best iPad Pro apps out there.

  • Using Workflow as a Static Site Generator

    Jordan Merrick created a way to generate a static blog on your iOS device using Workflow: After running the workflow, a ZIP file is generated containing all of the HTML files and can be opened in an app like Transmit, the extracted contents of which can be uploaded to your web server. This isn’t anything […]

  • The End of Privacy

    J.R. Hennessy: This is the final frontier for privacy. It is no longer a matter of our control over exactly how much of our personal life we deign to share with the public — it is a matter of precisely how much of our internal existence is taken from us. If someone can manipulate our thought and […]

  • Encryption Is Good for America

    Ex-NSA chief Hayden: Hayden told a cybersecurity conference in Florida this week that breaking encryption would not make Americans safer even if encrypted communications do pose new challenges for intelligence and law enforcement agencies. No shit.

  • Apple’s Tim Cook Lashes Out at White House Officials for Being Wishy-Washy on Encryption

    Jenna McLaughlin: But the intelligence community’s top lawyer was quoted in an email saying that that the administration should be “keeping our options open…in the event of a terrorist attack or criminal event where strong encryption can be shown to have hindered law enforcement. Jackasses.

  • IT Security and the Normalization of Deviance

    Bruce Schneier on the failing of most systems: People believe they know better and deliberately ignore procedure, and invariably forget things.

  • Together Alone

    Emma Brockes on our smartphone addiction: Even the least neurotic among us is never more than a few moments away from looking up and asking, suspiciously, of the person we’re with, “what are you doing? And: If you insist that someone put down their phone to talk to you, you’d better be ready with something […]

  • The Post Mobile Era

    Ben Bajarin: As we embrace the post-mobile era, it is time to shift our attention from the smartphone hardware itself to all the new things the smartphone will enable as the most pervasive form of personal computing in the history of our industry. That’s the most succinct answer to the question of “why are mobile […]

  • Twitter and the Cost of Links

    Manton Reece in response to the Twitter Notes feature: For all of Twitter’s problems, at least right now most of the good writing we see on Twitter is actually linked out to external blogs (and yes, increasingly Medium posts). To shift that to be stored more on Twitter itself would be a setback for the […]