The Very Best Things

Three of the very best things I have ever done a deep dive on.

I’ve long had a page I labeled as “The Best” where I list items which I’ve come to feel are the best for their categories. I wanted to point out a few of the very best things I have found for those who are not members. These are not full reviews, but rather the core of why I feel these items are the very best.

The Very Best Backpack

The eternal question readers ask: if you could only have one of the many backpacks you have tried, which would it be? The GORUCK GR1, no doubt and no second guessing. It’s the best backpack you can buy, without caveats. The GORUCK GR2s are great (I have two) but the GR1 is better in every way. Nothing compares.

The GORUCK GR1 is a masterclass on what makes for a good backpack across a wide spectrum of uses. I’ve used a lot of backpacks, and when I use the GR1, I have a sigh of relief that I am using the GR1. If you want just one, the one, make it a GR1. Buy it here. Read more in these posts.

The Very Best Pocket Knife

The Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21. I vowed to keep testing knives, and I have, but fuck everything else. This is the knife. Yeah there are some newer variations from Chris Reeve which people like to think is better, but they aren’t. If you want a pocket knife: this is it — it’s the best.

It’s the simplest possible form for a pocket knife, refined to absolute perfection. Buy it here. My review.

The Very Best Writing App

Ulysses. I find it borderline absurd that people would choose any other app — and yeah I’ve tried X recently — Ulysses has perfected the form. It’s easily one of the best apps on any platform you launch it on. Focus, power, publishing.

Write a book. Write a blog post. Write a proposal. Write a presentation. All in an app which respects you as the writer first and foremost. The very best.

Buy it for iOS, or Mac. One of my reviews of it.

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