iPad Productivity Report — 7/22/17

Talking about iPads, talking about basic apps, talking about your questions, talking about the multi-tasking and two handed usage.

Something special seems to be brewing for those who care about the future of iPads: momentum. Since day one, there has been people using iPads for their work, then as their only computer. This was always a niche market. Now, in the past few weeks, I have seen so many people talking about, or even making in part, the move to iPad being a primary computing device I can’t help but see the snowball starting to roll down The Mountain. It should be one hell of a year, and mercifully lead to more interest in iPad app development.

Which leads us right into the topic for this week: the basic apps matter, not the pro apps. I also answer some reader questions, and talk about iOS 11 multitasking.

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