Holiday Affiliate Cash Guide

Gotta make that money.

For a while now, I have been putting together my own holiday gift guides. Each year I don’t hide the fact that this is a great way for this site to make a little extra money. This year is no different, but the list is much different this year.

Here’s 2018’s.

So, if you are wondering what may be good buys, wonder no more.

  • RTIC Tumbler: I use mine everyday. Simply fantastic, and keeps my coffee warm for a very long time. It is an astonishing $11 and performs on par with my Yeti tumbler. The catch is that the lid is not as good as the Yeti lid and that’s all in the mechanism for opening and closing it. The plus is that the shape allows it to fit in my car cup holder unlike the Yeti.
  • RTIC Cooler: Think Yeti but much cheaper. I have three. Both hard and soft sided, all of them are great. But here’s my advice get a soft sided 20 ($80), and a hard sided 45 ($187). You will be set. I took that 45 on a road trip and I bought ice one time and everything stayed cold. I use the 20 around Texas and again, everything stays cold. Great stuff.
  • Filson Briefcase: best thing out there. I love mine. This is what I use 85% of the time going into and out of work. It just works in every situation. Hard to beat it. Perhaps my favorite part is just how much I like using this bag.
  • Anker Charger: this is a two-port USB-C charger, both ports are USB-C which means you can change over all of your cables to USB-C. Amazon sells those cables so you are in luck. It is only 36w, but that keeps it small and I have had no issues using it for my iPad Pro and iPhone. They make a 60w version too for you MacBook Pro people.
  • Benchmade Proper: get the sheepsfoot, it’s amazing.
  • Massdrop AAA light: they sell it in brass (my choice), copper, aluminum, and titanium. It is dang cheap, at $35 for the most expensive variant. Get the Nichia 219 LED option for better color and a better light. I truly don’t understand how this light is this good and this cheap.
  • G-SHOCK: this is the hottest G-SHOCK out there, and it looks amazing. Good luck finding it, let me know where you find one. I don’t need one, but the want factor is insanely high.
  • Orient Bambino: I am not sure there is a better watch value proposition out there. Depending on the combination you get you could dress this up to Tux level, and back down to jeans. Great stuff.

Happy shopping.

Note: This site makes use of affiliate links where and when possible. These links may earn this site money when utilized. 


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