The Best — 2019

This is the archive of the best page, taken 10/23/20 and should be considered the best from 2019.

Valet to Store Your Gear

Drop’s EDC Valet, superb.

Best Outdoors GPS Watch

Garmin Instinct Tactical, fantastic.

Best Purse for Men

First: you need a purse.
Second: this Filson Medium Field Bag is my pick Buy..

Best All Around Jacket

Baracuta G9, simply perfect and always has been.


Tudor Black Bay GMT.

Travel Duffle

Filson 48 Hour Duffle, review.

Big Backpack for Travel

GORUCK GR2 That’s an affiliate link, btw. What a great bag, need I say more?
Well I have said more, here, here, and here.

Travel Mug

This Yeti Mug complete with Affiliate Links, love it. Seals up great, no spills. Hot coffee on demand. What more could you want?

Small Everyday, Everywhere Flashlight

The SureFire Titan Plus, damn I love this light.

Water Bottle

The RTIC Water Bottle has been amazing. Easy to drink out of, easy to fill, keeps stuff really cold. And inexpensive.

Tiny Little Knife

The James Brand Elko, baller. So small, and so useful. A knife for non-knife people.

Office Dress Shirt

Ministry of Supply Aero shirt, looks normal, washes and dries like normal, feels great.

Office Pants

Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic pants are amazing. So comfortable, and yet they blend right in at the office.

Toiletries Bag

This one.

Damn Good Socks

See a recent roundup I did on socks: here.
Stand by this, but they were discontinued. Outlier Megafine socks. Start with a pair of these

All Around Boxers

I stumbled on to Ex Officio’s Give-n-Go Boxers by accident, but I am so glad I did. I won’t buy any other underwear now.

Year Round Button Down

I’d buy Wool & Prince shirts all day long if I could afford it for every shirt I own, they are excellent shirts. Love them.

Cool Weather Pants

When the weather cools, Outlier’s Strong Dungarees are my go to pants.

Warm Weather Pants

Outlier’s Futureworks are amazing Spring to Fall pants.

Desktop iPad Pro Stand

Currently I use a custom rig with a monitor arm. I don’t recommend most people do this. But it is fantastic.
Previous pick: The viozon stand is my go to for working in a desk. Great angles and height, very secure and easy to use. Super cheap too.

Portable iPad Pro Stand

The Compass 1, if you can find it, is the best iPad Pro stand you can get on a budget. If you can’t the new Compass Pro stand works well, but is huge.

iPad Pro Keyboard

For desktop usage, I love the Drop ALT Keyboard with clear switches and custom SA Profile keycaps.
Say it with me: Magic Keyboard is Magic.

For keyboard nerds who are in the go, Vortex Core all the way.

Reddit Client

narwhal The only way to use Reddit.

iOS Automation

Shortcuts has gotten amazing for iOS.

Weather App

General: CARROT.

Password Management

I recommend iCloud Keychain these days for people fully in the Apple ecosystem. It is easy to use and way fast. For people who don’t only use Apple devices, then 1Password is the logical choice.

Calculator App

Soulver, the best way to calculate.

Mac Automation

Keyboard Maestro, the best way to be productive on the Mac. This app is the only thing I miss from my Mac days.

Writing App

Ulysses, best way to write.

Task Management

Things 3. So great. Don’t waste time with anything else. Get.

Wireless Router

Currently: in progress of finding something.
This pick died on me: Amplifi HD. Robust, easy to use and setup. Great. Buy

Group Buying Website {That’s an affiliate link): This is a group buying site, WAIT, it’s a little different. The product gets cheaper as more people join. Also, you can try to nominate things to get sold on the site. I’ve bought maybe a dozen things so far and really recommend it. Note: no returns. (Note: That is an affiliate link setup for me. But I do use the site and do enjoy it. Great place to buy mechanical keyboards.)

Sippie Cup

This is so outdated, but leaving it for memories.
The ZoLi brand rocks. I’ve tried a lot of others, but these last the longest.
Buy it here.


Out of date, but what we had used:
Our kids were binkie kids for sure, and these WubbaNubs are great. The little animal makes them easy to find, for both you and the kid. Really helps at night when they need to find it to get back o sleep.
Buy it here.

Wheel Cleaner

I’ve used a lot of wheel cleaners over the years and they either: do nothing, or ruin your wheels. Then I found this cleaner from Sonax. It is badass. It sprays on anti-freeze green in color and turns to red when ready to be rinsed off. After I rinse it off I take a brush a quickly wash the wheels with soapy water — boom clean. Good stuff.
Buy it on Affiliate Amazon.

Lens Cleaning Cloth

Since I wear glasses now I can understand the importance of not only having good lens cleaning stuff, but having a lot everywhere. I chose these MagicFiber ones and am very happy with them.
Buy them on Affiliate Amazon.

Photo Paper

The Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique 310gsm. What a mouthful, but excellent quality.
Buy it on Affiliate Amazon.

Camera Neck Strap

Domke Gripper straps are my favorite. They may not look flashy, but they are strong and the woven in rubber is very grippy. I use the 1.5 inch with swivel on larger dSLR style cameras and the non-swivel 1″ on smaller cameras. Both work well.
Buy with Affiliate Links: 1.5″ on Amazon, or the 1″ on Amazon.

Camera Wrist Strap

Tap & Dye Legacy strap. I love this strap, but be warned that you need months of use to get this broken in. Once you get it broken in though, nothing beats it.
Buy it direct

Camera Bag

This is out of date, I don’t carry a dedicated camera any longer…

Buy it on Amazon.

Card Game

Cards Against Humanity — hands down, the only game I like playing anymore.
Buy it (sometimes) on Amazon Affiliate Links.

Cat Litter

I know, but if you have cats this is a real problem. The best cat litter I have found is called: “Dr. Else’s Premium Cat Litter”.
Buy it on Amazon Affiliate, and skip the dogs at the pet store.

Pen Sized Flashlight

SureFire Titan Plus is simply amazing.

Buy it on Amazon.

Portable Hard Drive

This is out dated, I don’t use these drives any longer.
Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 Drive is amazing. It’s tough, and man is this thing fast. I have the 1TB drive model and I am impressed. They also sell a 2TB, 256GB SSD, and 500GB SSD model. I’d love that last one, but $$$.

Survival Knife

Bradford Knives wins hands down for any fixed blade knives, the [Guardian 5]) is my pick for survival knife, and what I own and pack.

Pocket Knife

The Benchmade Mini Bugout is basically perfect. Review
Previously: the Benchmade Proper 319, my review, buy it here with affiliate link.

Merino Undershirt

Easily the Icebreakers Anatomica V-neck. I wear mine almost everyday.

All-Around Undershirt

I stopped wearing undershirts. This information is out of date.

Paper Towel Holder

This is an odd addition, I admit that, but man do I love this paper towel rack. Sometimes it is the little things.

Buy It For Life Pen

You guys can have your disposable pens. For me, I will take my Mont Blanc all day long. I’ve used it for over a decade now (though I have the gold version, I’d buy the Platinum one today). It’s fantastic and writes exceedingly well. Love this pen.
Buy it on Amazon Affiliate.

Multi-device Charger

This 2-port USB-C charger in Affiliate Link Color is fantastic.

Knife Sharpener

Edge Pro Apex 4 is my current pick, review soon.

Casual Shoes

Currently: I just buy a cheap pair of Nikes which look good. Otherwise I wear my boots.

All Around Shoes

Get a pair of Thursday Boots, pick the ones that match your look the best. Captains, Presidents, and Dukes get my vote.

Lighter, Still Warm, Jacket

See here for recommendations.
This is outdated:
Buy it here, or at Amazon.

Warm Jacket

Filson Wool Weekender is the best warm jacket I have ever owned. Looks equally sharp when you are dressed nicely, as it does if you are slogging through the woods. It appears Filson has discontinued it, but this jacket is similar. Seriously though, it’s really the only warm jacket a person needs.

Non-Apple Lightning Cable

Apple’s are the best I have found, but if you don’t care about aesthetics and just want a bunch around your house, well Amazon’s are the best for that. They are cheap, and hold up well. The other brands I have tested all broke inside three months.
Buy it on Affiliate Amazon here.

All Around Keyboard

Current: Drop ALT Keyboard. Incredibly well made, very low learning curve (basically none). Affiliate Link.
Buy Here Affiliate Link.

Diaper Bag (for anybody)

Hands down the Tom Bihn Parental Unit. Review here. Still use it, still love it.
Buy it here.

All Around Shoulder Bag

Filson Original Breifcase. Stylish, built to last, roomy, and breaks in to you. Amazing bag. Get one.
My review.
Alternative pick: Mystery Ranch 3 Way Briefcase. Review soon, but initial testing shows I could not fault someone for choosing this over the Filson.

Light Backpack (think Themeparks)

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 15L. Love this bag and it’s among my most used. Review. Buy Affiliate.

All Around iPad

The iPad Pro 11” with Magic Keyboard

All Around Backpack

The GORUCK GR1 remains the best backpack I have ever used. To this day it’s my backpack of choice. You can see my original review here, and some follow-up posts as well. If you can only afford one bag, this is literally the bag I would choose.
Buy it (Affiliate link).