Month: November 2013



  • ‘Christmas Special: Mail Plugins Bundle’

    Some solid plugins here, recommended by David Sparks no less. Just started using these and now I’m happy to snag them in a bundle.

  • The Blame Apple Game

    There’s a rather ‘meh’ post [at]( PandoDaily with some Newsstand publishers *seemingly* blaming Apple for their lack of success. ((I say seemingly because who knows what context those quotes were given in.)) Most notably is The Magazine’s publisher Glenn Fleishman. The whole post is dumb. It blames the Newsstand icon and design on faltering sales. […]

  • ‘Why You’re More Likely To Buy Something When Shopping On Your iPad’

    Eric Jaffe: > In the iPad condition, the endowment effect thrived. On average, test participants using the tablet wanted to sell their item for significantly more than those using the laptop (roughly $213 to $154). Pressing a finger against a digital image on a fake website in a laboratory–that’s all it took to make people […]

  • ‘Apple Has Twice The Global “Ad Impression Share” Of Android’

    Greg Sterling: > Unless the sample of impressions that Adfonic is seeing globally is somehow distorted or not reflective of the broader market, it’s very hard to explain why Apple is so dominant. I’d love to hear any theories. It seems rather obvious to me: iOS users *use* their devices [more](

  • ‘The best recipe manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac’

    I’ve never actually used a recipe manager. Ok, truthfully I have rarely ever used a recipe to begin with, but Paprika is pretty sweet. I just bought the apps so that I force myself to cook a wider variety of things, so be sure to read Steven Owens’ nice review of recipe managers over at […]

  • ‘Here Comes Boreas: The Weather Channel Brands Winter Storms’

    Ian Crouch: > What you call the looming storm threatening the East Coast this Thanksgiving week depends on where you get your weather news. If it comes from the several platforms of the Weather Channel, then you know that the storm has a name, Boreas (the Greek god of the cold north wind), and so […]

  • ‘End the N.S.A. Dragnet, Now’

    Senators Ron Wyden of Oregon, Mark Udall of Colorado and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico: > Our first priority is to keep Americans safe from the threat of terrorism. If government agencies identify a suspected terrorist, they should absolutely go to the relevant phone companies to get that person’s phone records. But this can be […]

  • Bitcoin Survival Guide

    Sounds cool, I hadn’t really kept track of it until now. I think I need to add it as a payment method here though…

  • ‘How Hacker News Ranking Really Works: Scoring, Controversy, and Penalties’

    Ken Shirriff: > Some submissions get automatically penalized based on the title, and others get penalized based on the domain. It appears that any article with NSA in the title gets an automatic penalty of .4. I looked for other words causing automatic penalties, such as awesome, bitcoin, and bubble but they do not seem […]

  • Avoid QuizUp

    In addition to sending private data to *other* users phones, Joseph Keller reports: > Also of note is how QuizUp handles access to your contacts. The game allows you to invite your friends to the game via text message, which you need to grant QuizUp access to your contacts to allow. Once this is done, […]

  • Quote of the Day: Craig Grannell

    “For now, though, it seems rather pointless for the LGs, Sonys, Facebooks and Amazons of this world to keep swallowing down data when they regurgitate recommendations that have barely more accuracy than a horoscope.” — Craig Grannell

  • Tech Headlines That Could Be

    “How to Solve Email With Carrier Pigeons” “5 Reasons This Backpack Is Better Than the One I Posted Last Week” “10 Reasons Why You Hate Facebook, and How That Is Your Fault” “How Apple Deleted Photos of My Dead Parents” “Why Google Ads Are Better Than iAds” “Meet the 28 Samsung Phones That Will Kill […]

  • The New Glif

    Looks fantastic. I ordered one, but was tempted to order three.

  • ‘Okay, Google, you officially beat Siri’

    Marcio Cyrillo: > Whatever the future of digital assistants may be, it’s clear that the service must be fully context-aware, super responsive, and most importantly, learn about you. If Apple doesn’t empower Siri with a true digital brain, the service will soon become a joke when compared to the significant improvements Google Now is achieving. […]

  • Switching to Android, A Practical Guide

    I haven't used an Android device in quite a while, so I don't care to debate which is better — I care to have more experience before making those statements — but this “guide” (Google Plus Plus Minus post) from uncle creepy is ridiculous. Naturally, let's dive in. The post on how to switch from […]

  • What our privacy is worth

    Bruce Schneier: > Google’s 2013 third quarter profits were nearly $15 billion; that profit is the difference between how much our privacy is worth and the cost of the services we receive in exchange for it.

  • The Hub

    Tim Bajarin on iPhones/smartphones: It now has become my GPS system, my digital camera, my flashlight, my voice recorder, etc. With the plethora of software and services available on my smartphone, its hub like nature makes it the most important digital screen in my life. Smart post. Especially given I have been seeing more and […]

  • Bruce Schneier AMA

    For your weekend reading list.

  • Network Plus Sit/Stand Desk

    Looks like a not-ugly version of the Geek Desk. Nice. (via Moltz)

  • ‘Meet the Spies Doing the NSA’s Dirty Work’

    [Fascinating report from Shane Harris on how the FBI and NSA work together to spy on Americans][1]: > When the media and members of Congress say the NSA spies on Americans, what they really mean is that the FBI helps the NSA do it, providing a technical and legal infrastructure that permits the NSA, which […]