Month: December 2013



  • ‘How Does This Not Blow Your Mind?’

    Jared Cosulich: > For the last 45 years Sudbury Valley schools (and before that Summerhill) have provided students with a K-12 educational environment where the students can do what ever they want, when ever they want all day long. Those students attend college at a higher rate than the national average too. Wow.

  • ‘Constraint and Creativity’

    Shawn Blanc on working from his iPad: > Never once have those limitations hindered me from doing some great work from my iPad. In fact, oftentimes it is the limitations of iOS which empower me to do better work. Because constraint breeds creativity. He lists out the apps he is using on his iPad, but […]

  • Quote of the Day: Bruce Schneier

    “We no longer know whom to trust. This is the greatest damage the NSA has done to the Internet, and will be the hardest to fix.” — Bruce Schneier

  • ‘7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Security Expert’s Perspective)’

    Holy fantastic post. Some choice quotes from Robert Evans, Rafi Sela’s post: > The TSA treats each traveler the same because of some stupid idea that everything needs to be fair. Security needs to be done due to risk — and risk means that in Israel we don’t check luggage, we check people. And I’m […]

  • ‘”Patent Pending?” iA’s Militant Stance on Syntax Control in Writer Pro’

    [Weswanders in *The Verge* forums]( (worth reading): >So, does iA actually have the exclusive right to the idea of Syntax Control, putting unsuspecting future developers on a collision course with iA? It appears the answer is no. What’s more, iA’s claims of beating everyone to the punch appear to be disingenuous at best. This is […]

  • ‘White House Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts’

    At this point I wonder if even the President believes their tactics are anything more than ass covering.

  • ‘Secret contract tied NSA and security industry pioneer’

    Joseph Menn: > As a key part of a campaign to embed encryption software that it could crack into widely used computer products, the U.S. National Security Agency arranged a secret $10 million contract with RSA, one of the most influential firms in the computer security industry, Reuters has learned. Well it was a good […]

  • ‘Apple thinks different for Christmas’

    Ken Segall has the best take I’ve seen on Apple’s holiday ad: > This ad is a holiday card from Cupertino. It lines up perfectly with the values Apple has communicated for years. It’s not about technology — it’s about quality of life. I don’t think it is the world’s best ad, or even Apple’s […]

  • ”Data Brokers’ Are Collecting and Selling Some Very Private Information About You’

    Sara Morrison: > While the data brokers say the information is used to put people in very general profiles such as “sports enthusiast” or “avid traveler,” the World Privacy Forum found a list of rape victims for sale at one data broker (the link now goes to an “updating” page. Maybe it’s a coincidence! Or […]

  • Switching to (So Long OmniFocus)

    I’m a huge productivity nerd, wait, make that recovering productivity nerd — which means I am actually productive. (Doing work instead of fiddling with things heralded to make you more productive.) I got sidetracked there, sorry. I’ve used OmniFocus since it came out and kGTD before that. I also used Things for quite a while […]

  • Sync and Backup over SFTP/S3

    > Dropbox-like Sync and Backup using only SFTP or Amazon S3 Looks like a neat solution, but I haven’t tried it because they don’t have iOS apps. (via Matt H.)

  • ‘That podcast bombshell’

    Sid O’Neill, responding to [my post]( about podcasts: > It seems some people see podcasts as a medium solely for Conveying Information in an Efficient Manner. Cool. I think that if you’re looking for that, maybe written materials (or jacking into the Matrix training program) would be better and faster. Great points in his post.

  • Why Tech Podcasts Bother Me

    Right now, the most requested feature of this site (from both members, and non-members) is for a podcast. I started preparing one; creating live streaming, live chat, its own site, found a person to partner with, etc. All I needed was a little design, some sponsors, and to start recording. Except that was months ago […]

  • App Playlists

    Jared Sinclair: > App playlists should be rigorously simple: just a list of apps. Not all the apps ever downloaded, but the apps that a given user currently has installed on their device. The assumption is that if somebody has an app on their device, they probably like it. App playlists should be given top-level […]

  • Daedalus Touch 1.7

    The Soulmen released Daedalus Touch 1.7 today(isn) and while I still am not in love with the app it has a really awesome feature: custom fonts. No, not custom fonts built into the app — you can add your own fonts. I’ll say that again: you can add *your* own fonts. So how do you […]

  • So This is Writer Pro

    So [this is Writer Pro]( It looks nice enough, but not nearly as stunning as the original Writer (a tool I used exclusively when writing for quite a while). Still, $40 for a new writing application — one that has no Dropbox support — is bound to draw criticism from many, so is it worth […]

  • Glassboard Acquired By Second Gear

    Justin Williams: > From the moment NewsGator announced it was looking to give Glassboard a new home, we were jumping at the opportunity to bring some fresh ideas to one of our favorite apps. We couldn’t wait to let you in on our first steps toward modernizing Glassboard… This is great news. I love Glassboard, […]

  • ‘The best app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad’

    I wrote up an iPad PDF roundup for The Sweet Setup. Go find out why PDF Expert is the best you can buy.

  • ‘In the Fukushima Fallout, Meet the Hackers Building a Sensor Network for Global Radiation’

    Joseph George: > On the software end they created a platform that allowed the data recorded by the counters to be uploaded via to online maps where the readings could be viewable by all. The Safecast iOS app also allows people to find out what the radiation level is at their current position, based […]

  • Photos+

    Justin Williams: > This has been one of the hardest projects I’ve ever worked on. Simultaneously, it’s also the project I am most proud of. My partner in crime Jake Desaulniers and I set out to create a better photo browser for the iPhone, and I think we hit a home run. I downloaded it […]